Cover Girls         When I Was In First Grade I Wrote,

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Cover Girls When I was in first grade I wrote, in a letter to myself that "In the year 2000 I will be 17 years old. I will have long blonde hair, and a stamp will cost 25 cents " Prior to that letter I had been told by a peer that blond hair equals beauty. From that day forth I would sit on the sunny side of the car. This was a vein attempt to lighten my dark locks. At age six I realized I was born with a disadvantage because I had brown hair. That was only the tip of the ice burg, only a few years later I would decide that I was in adequate not only because of my hair but my chest wasn't big enough my hips were too small my skin was too pail. This began a decent into womanhood, a world of inadequacies. "If I have only one life, let me live it as a blonde", Betty Friedan quotes one woman saying in her literary work, "the Feminine Mystique " At the end of the fifties three out of ten woman dyed their hair blonde and since 1939 dress sizes had decreased three to four sizes.1 "Woman are out to fit the clothes instead of vice-versa" So get out some bleach and begin you Hollywood diet because it's a long hard road to perfection. Very rarely do woman start out looking like the images seen in the media. Today the average american woman is 5'4" tall and weighs 140 pounds The average American model is 5'11" tall and weighs 117 pounds. 2 Many woman see images in the media to which they aspire. Woman then base there appearances on what they are told is beauty. 5 out of the 9 woman in "People Magazines" most beautiful people of 2002 are blond. From Marylyn Monroe, to an enormous billboard of Brittany Spears on sunset one is constantly bombarded with an image that for most is unattainable. It is unfortunately not just the mature woman that is falling for these conformities. Children of younger and younger ages are trying to meet expectations, even when their bodies aren't physically mature enough to. Prepubescent girls may attempt to imitate older siblings by stuffing bras and wearing more risky clothing but this is only the beginning of an obsession millions of american woman suffer from. From first to third grades, a study has shown that about half of these children want to be thinner. Half of our nine and ten-year-old girls say that being on a diet makes them feel better about themselves.2 Children are following in the footsteps of there elders. Seeing a society obsessed with physical appearance they are falling into the trap early. Girls want to grow up to look like Brittany Spears, but they are choosing icons instead of roll models. A pop star is famous for there entertainment value and rarely send a message of there own. When one thinks of a star like Madonna they are forces to view her in a way that alleviates any social conscious. "Like a Virgin" pops into my head at the first thought, that and her various extreme attire. But their are not many who attribute her interests in woman's arts of funding to multiple...

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