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Dear Mr. H. ---,
I would like to thank you for guiding and informing me in Linkedin how to apply for the potential finance position in --- New York Office, branch of -----
First of all; I would like once again, to express my interest and excitement to be part of such an inspiring company by giving the main reasons that highly motivates me to work as part of --. Technology and integration with software importance has started to be one of the main impact of economic development and -- is one of the key company who is the pioneer the change of world development process with it’s revolutionary ideas in the age of technology and Informatics. In addition, the sector in which -- operates and accumulated creative activities it carries load visionary mission to both our country while globalization process ongoing and to rising generations who will lead to be the flash of improvement. That’s why, I highly be motivated and encouraged to work in -- who has positive contribution to society, country and generations while changing and developing world.
Secondly, the abilities and the experience that I acquired during my ten years of working in the financial field in Turkey and abroad is hoping to find addresses in -- maximum requirements of finance department.
Serving as credit analyst and underwriter in the credit department of notable finance institutions such as banks, leasing, factoring in Turkey as well abroad has contributed me the opportunity to meet with the financial situation of numerous corporate companies from different sectors of enterprise and backgrounds. My experience and knowledge acquired from...

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