Cowboy Bebop : Living In The Dream

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The first time I watched the animated series "Cowboy Bebop" was at my house on DVD. I borrowed it from my friend and watched it alone. My friend told me that it was a story about bounty hunters and I thought it must be as exciting as any other gunfight movies. However, I knew I was wrong since the only feeling I got from "Cowboy Bebop" was exhaustion. I was not sure why I had this feeling; the hero Spike and his partners are all extremely cool when they fight. Sometimes I thought I should cry for the ending of the movie, but I was just too tired to cry and I was even too tired to fall asleep. I could not stop myself thinking about the movie for the following few days."Cowboy Bebop" tells a story that happens in space; Spike Spiegel and his partners, Jet, Faye, Ed and a dog Ein, live together in a ship called "Bebop". They work to help soldiers catch criminals and so they gain the bounty. They all believe themselves to be selfish people who work only for money and do not care about others. At the end of the movie, all people leave and the ship "Bebop" needs to be repairs. Spike is killed in the war that he is fighting against his past best partner, Vicious.Spike's past is not shown entirely in the movie; indtead, we learn about him through random flashbacks and a few quick point of view shots joined together with flash cuts and played in three different times in the movie. In the past, Spike is betrayed by Vicious, his best friend and is attacked by Julia, the girl he loves most; everyone who knows him in the past believes he is killed by Julia, but in fact Julia does not totally kill him. In the past, Spike wakes up from a coma and hears the song of Julia's croon, a song without words and without any instrument playing the music. I paused the DVD player and rewound it to play the flashbacks again and again. Some pieces of my own memories flash through my head. I remember the time I sat on the floor in a corner of a big room and cried quietly. At that time, I could not stop my tears and I could not cry aloud because I was afraid to make any noise. I could not even call for help...

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