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Cox Communications And Its Marketings Service

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In this era of rapidly changing technology, competition among companies in the industry has steadily increased. A well-known firm in the telecommunications sector that has done considerably well is Cox Communications. The privately owned company is based in Atlanta, GA and it serves over six million customers nationwide. It is currently the third-largest cable service provider and the seventh-largest telephone service provider in the U.S. with over 6 million total customers. In addition to television and telephone, Cox Communications also offers internet and wireless solutions for business and consumers alike. I chose Cox Communications because I subscribe to their services and I believe the company has valuable consumer benefits that differentiate it from its competitors.
To maintain a competitive advantage in comparison to its competitors, namely Time Warner and AT&T, Cox Communications employs a broad product line as well as service reliability and quick response to network issues. Within each of the main product lines (telephone, internet and cable) are many features that allow the consumer to customize their services according to their needs. This is known as “bundling,” and Cox Communications was one of the first in the industry to offer such a group of services. For example, a customer can choose different levels of internet speed, combined with useful telephone features like caller ID, paired with any combination of cable channel packages. Bundling also entitles a customer to discounts based on the amount and length of services.
Moreover, Cox Communications uses a highly sophisticated monitoring system, Empirix Hammer, which allows it to operate its networks efficiently and catch any service interruptions early. Maintaining a close watch on their services ensures that any...

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