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Cpa Exam: What It Takes To Handle Big Money

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Imagine yourself taking a grueling three-day long math test. This is what thousands of young people do every year when they take the CPA exam. Becoming a CPA or Corporate Public Accountant is a must for anyone wanting to go into the accounting field. The CPA exam is undergoing major changes. It is turning towards computerized testing in the future. Many factors influence a person's ability to pass the CPA exam. The CPA exam plays a very important role in today's financial world. It makes sure that all high level accountants are fully trained and capable of doing the job they have been assigned.Many entry level accountants wish to attain the CPA title, or Certified Public Accountant. When accountants pass the CPA exam and officially are a licensed CPA it helps them in many ways. "Having a "CPA" behind one's name carries considerable clout in business circles and, in generally speaking, fosters the same kind of esteem granted to other professionals like doctors and lawyers" (Bruce, Calvin 1). Another way having a CPA helps you is that your earning potential literally skyrockets. CPA's enjoy many other benefits such as good job security and many open doors that appear in the business world. To become a CPA you need to go to college and study accounting and finances. Next one would go through training. "There is no substitute for quality on-the-job training by seasoned professionals who take an interest in one's career" Bruce, Calvin 1). Becoming a CPA is a worthwhile venture for anyone going into the accounting field. The CPA exam it's self is now catching up with technology by becoming more computerized. (Bruce, Calvin 1-6) The CPA exam is undergoing major changes. "Candidates can now use calculators in some sections, certain essay questions are graded on writing skills, the time allotted to take the exam has decreased, new objective answer formats have been added and the exam has become nondisclosed" (Brave New World 1). Another major change is that the CPA exam is going computerized. This will help the exam go smoother for the people taking the test. Computerizing the test will make the testing periods go slightly faster. Also computerizing the test will decrease the amount of time it takes for people to get their results back. Theoretically in the near future a person could go take the test at a computer and get immediate feedback on how they did and whether or not the passed the test. Another big change would be how many times a year the CPA exam is offered. Currently it is only offered twice a year at certain locations around the United States. If the test was computerized people could take the test whenever they wish at many other locations, which in turn allows more people to take the test.(Brave New World for the CPA Exam 1-7) When taking the CPA exam what factors matter? Well, there are many important factors. One is the high school GPA of the person taking the test....

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