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Crabbe Is My Essay About The Book Crabbe And Why He Ran Away

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Crabbe Crabbe decides to run away from home because he's unhappy with his life. Much of thisunhappiness is the direct result of the poor guidance he receives from the bad adult role modelswith whom he is surrounded. Crabbe decides to run away because he's unhappy with his life. There are many signs thatshow Crabbe's unhappiness. Crabbe's parents make him feel like he's not good enough to betheir son. They never let him do what he wants to do and they dictate his life to what they want.Crabbe's relationship with his parents is that it is a dictatorship. Crabbe says, "I wasn't alone.My Mother swallowed valiums everyday; my Father drank heavily, if you counted the wonderfulbusiness lunches and what he poured down at home; lots of kids at school smoked grass regularlyand drank at parties. I was no different." Crabbe doesn't drink a lot, but he drinks all the time.Even at school. Crabbe has no friends to go to parties with or to hang out with. Crabbe's nothappy at school because all the teachers want you to be wrong not to be right. Crabbe seeshimself like the runner because he's sick of his life and he wants to be free and the runner wantsto be free and only race in races if he wants to. Here is a quote from Crabbe: "But, like the runner,I wanted to do something that would symbolize what I thought and how I felt." Many of Crabbe's teachers are hypocrites and poor role models. Crabbe does not want tobe like them. Crabbe dislikes some teachers like Fat-Ass Grant, Miss. Wase, French teacher,Beaker Baker. Crabbe dislikes Fat-Ass Grant because he busted him for drinking in school. "Hewas king of jock city, the phys ed. Department, and his idea of a stimulating lesson was to blowhis whistle, roll a couple of basketballs out onto the court, and yell, 'Okay, scrimmage!...

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