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Broken Soup Essay

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Life is something hard to understand because you never know what will happen to you tomorrow or to your future, you will not know if someone or something negative or positive will appear from no were and will change your life. Broken Soup by Jenny Valentine, it’s a fiction story; it’s about love and the importance of a family. The main Character Rowan is a 15 year old girl, she lives a difficult life because her brother Jack died, her dad left, and her mother Jane got a whole life depression because of her son’s loss and her 6 year old sister, who she has to take care off.
Rowan, copes with the death of her older brother, she takes on a lot responsibilities. After her father leaves, abandoning the family, and her mother slips into a depression, Rowan takes care of her little sister Stroma, as well as the house. Through the pain of losing her older brother and through the stress of inheriting these new responsibilities, Rowan becomes closer to a classmate of hers and discovers just how little she knew about her older brother. The new relationship with Harper begins when he hands Rowan a negative of a photograph that he claimed she had dropped. Although Rowan knows that the photo negative is not hers, she is too worried with her troubled home life and takes it anyway without thinking it would lead her to a different life. Rowan also develops a relationship with a girl, Bee, who saw Harper hand Rowan the negative and asked her about it. Bee’s relationship with Rowan is more hard, it reveals a few secrets about Bee involving Rowan’s dead brother, Jack, as they two work together to develop the negative and solve the mystery. Rowan finds out that Bee’s 2 year old brother is actually a child Bee had with Jack (Patti). Rowan begins to rely heavily on Bee and Harper when dealing with her rough home life, especially when her mom tries to commit suicide.

Rowan, the main character, is presented as being very mature for her age. Dealing with so much grief, Rowan had no choice but to grow up and act older than just 15 years old. Rowan’s maturity is reflected in the text of the novel as the story unfolds, told through her voice. Her little sister, Stroma, is a ball of energy. She is dependent on Rowan and looks up to her greatly as a maternal figure in the absence of the care of their real...

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