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Cradle Hold Literary Analysis Gabby Weyer 12/19/13

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In the short story Cradle Hold Harry, Dukes father, notices that Duke has some feminine tendencies and was small for his age. He didn’t like this. He tried to get him to do more manly things. Eventually, after a couple of tries to get his son to become a man, Duke got a girlfriend, Hillary, and Duke wanted to invite her over for dinner, so he talked to his dad and told him to “behave”. Hillary came over and grew fond of Dukes parents, especially his dad because he gave her a bracelet from New York. After this Duke did something just to surprise and please his father, Duke tried out for the wrestling team. He made the team as a substitute at 135 lbs. Harry never missed a match. Duke was undefeated and eventually became second best in the county and made it to the county finals and went up against Bankman, who is also undefeated. This story had an effective exposition, good suspense and imagery.
This short story had a very effective exposition. The author, David Klass, did a good job introducing the character. He introduced Duker very well by describing him and his personality. The story begins off right away describing Duke by saying “when Duke was five years old, Harry began to worry that his son was exhibiting too many feminine tendencies..” and continues to describe how he was small and how he showed his feminine tendencies. David really didn’t come right out and describe Harry, but through his actions he was eager to get rid of his sons feminine tendencies. He tells us that Harry took Duke to a football game’ but he spent the whole game collecting pieces of tin foil of the ground that people have thrown on the ground. Harry also took Duke fishing’ but when he started to put the wom on the hook Duke began to cry, and as he pulled a large mouth bass from the water with a net Duke began to plead to his father to not kill it. Harry did other things such as set out Playboy magazines to see if his son would pick them up and took him to watch some girls play volleyball in jersey shore. Although he didn’t right out describe Harry, David Klass did a good job introducing him.
I thought the story had good suspense, especially during the part of...

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