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The Life Of Craig Kembrell Of The Atlanta Braves

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Do you like Craig Kimbrel and the Atlanta Braves as much as I do? At the age of 4 Craig Kimbrel started off his baseball career. He didn’t play tee ball like most kids, he went straight to coach pitch. Between the ages of 4-12 Craig played with the Civic league team in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. He played in the Babe Ruth league from the age of 12-16. Growing up through baseball Craig’s positions were 3rd base and outfield, not pitcher. Kimbrel played high school ball for Lee High in Huntsville, Alabama.
Born on May 28, 1988 in Huntsville, Alabama, number 46 for the Atlanta Braves. He broke a number record of saves in the 2011 season. He was also awarded the National League MVP. Kimbrel was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in 2007 in the 33rd round but turned it down. He wanted to stay at Wallace State Community College because he wanted to go up in the draft. Later he was drafted by the Braves of the 2008 draft as the 96th pick in the draft. Kimbrel did not start with Atlanta but started with Gwinnett on May 5, 2010.
Kimbrel’s 2010 through 2011 seasons. In 2010 he got called up to the Gwinnett Braves to replace the injured Jair Jurrjiens. His second time in his career being up his second time in his career being called up was for Takashi Saito who was on the 15 day DL. In 2011 he was on the team’s roster as the primary closer. He was very successful in his four save opportunites before blowing his first career on April 21, 2011. On June 3, 2011 in a game versus the New York Mets. Kimbrel passed the record for 100 career strike outs doing that in 59 1/2 innings. On August 9th, 2011 in a game versus the Florida Marlins now called the Miami Marlins, Kimbrel tied the National League rookie record for saves in a season. The guy he tied with was Todd Worrell of the ST. Louis Cardinal’s.
Craig’s 2012 through 2013 season, Kimbrel made the 2012 All-Star team. Kimbrel struck out the MLB Delivery Man Award for September 2012. Kimbrel was dominating...

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