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Craig Kielburger: A Momentous Canadian Essay

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2 648 848 hours volunteered, schools built in 45 countries, so many pennies collected that if they were stacked one on top of each other they would weigh more than 64 African elephants [collected to get clean water in Africa]; the root cause for all these good deeds is one person. Craig Kielburger was and continues to be a momentous person in Canadian history. He has forever changed Canadian history due to his ever-growing list of good deeds including: the movement he has started to inspire youth, how he continues to change the lives of people around the world, and the way he brings people together to create change. Craig continues to prove Canada proud with his actions.
Craig has started a worldwide movement that inspires the youth of today. In many ways he continues to shape the way young minds think through his personal life story, the creation and expansion of We Day, and the continuous effort to stay connected to modern technology. To begin with, Craig Kielburger started wanting to make change and help people at the young age of 12. He saw that Iqbal Masih, a boy not much younger than him, was killed because he spoke out against child labour. This act of courage from a boy in such a hard situation sparked Craig’s curiosity and was the beginning of his organization “Free the Children”. These humble beginnings would bring so much change for the world and the story would inspire children around the world for many years to come. Additionally, Craig started and grew We Day which is an annual "youth empowerment" event that motivates youth to take action on local and global issues. This event has grown to inspire more children every year; “In 2007 at the first We Day, 8,000 youth came together at Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum to discover new passions, learn about the world around them and celebrate their successes. We were thrilled and humbled by the event and hopeful about the future. But we never dreamed We Day would grow into what it is today—the movement of our time”. The annual occurrence of the inspirational event continuously encourages the adolescence of the world. WeDay has grown from one gathering in Toronto to tons of different gatherings in 3 different countries. As We Day inspires more people and gets more attention the event will grow and help make children think to help make better futures for people around the world. Along with creating the Free the Children organization at a young age, and starting an annual event to inspire the youth, Craig created an easier way for the children to be activists in their everyday lives. By creating a smartphone application [We365] that tracks and provides ways to get involved with the community, an interest is created for kids to get involved in any way they can. Craig’s constant attempts to inspire youth to create a better world, makes him a very important person in Canadian history. Along with effectively inspiring youth Craig runs many programs that make major impacts around the world.

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