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Cran K By Ellen Hopkins: A Heartbreaking Downfall Into Drug Addiction

708 words - 3 pages

Ana Tongilava
English 3 CP
Mrs. Lopez
24 March 2014
Word Count: 669
Crank is a novel explaining the change of Kristina to Bree. Kristina is the main character that’s locked in by the monster. She is known as a straight A student, and is very family oriented. Bree is what she’s known as by her friends, the person in whom she became after being introduced to crank or drugs. Bree is the person she became after she went to visit her Dad and fell in love with a guy name Adam that introduced crank or drugs to her.
Ellen Hopkins does a terrific job of making Kristina’s transformation into Bree seem realistic and making the differences between Kristina and Bree clear without suggesting she’s a drug addict. This book brings the audience a heartbreaking downfall into drug addiction. Knowing that Hopkins experienced much of this story, it gives it even more of an emotional pull, as we learn that this is based on Ellen's own daughter's story. The novel is heartbreaking because the reader can see where Kristina is headed, but she never actually stops hoping that something will turn her from her path.
“We used to do coke, till "Just Say No” put the stuff out of reach. Now it's crank. Meth. The monster” (pg.68). The monster is whom she runs to when she’s in trouble or when she feels down and she chooses not to turn to anyone. Kristina visited her Dad and that’s where everything started with her meeting Adam. They hit it off with sniffing lines of crystal meth whenever they meet up. She could’ve sworn she was in love with him until she came back home and met Chase, the guy who’s always been by her side ever since. She thought she wouldn’t get into anything serious by dating Brendan until she finds out that he only wants her for sex.
“Siblings, one too close and curious, the other much too far away to serve as confidant” (410). This quote reflects the relationship Kristina has with her little sister...

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