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Crank, Crack, Whatever You Want To Call It

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Drugs, sex, hormones, adolescence, and decisions, decisions; All of such characterize Ellen Hopkins’, Crank. In the attention-grabbing novel is a high school junior named Kristina; a girl who has never done anything other than spend time with her family and focus on receiving straight A’s on her report card. Other characters in the novel include Bree, Kristina’s wild alter ego, Adam, or “Buddy,” whom she meets while visiting her father, Brendan, Chase Wagner, her mother, father, and other friends and family members who experience her crazed evolution. This “evolution” of Kristina begins when she leaves her home in Nevada for a short vacation with her father in New Mexico. She begins as the ...view middle of the document...

In desperation for a fix one day, Bree puts herself in dangerous situation and basically “lets” Brendan rape her in change for, “a date with the monster.” After the event, they do not speak, allowing Chase and Kristina to bond more, until eventually they fall in love. Soon enough, Kristina finds out she is pregnant. Chase believes it is his baby so he proposes to Kristina, but later finds out at the doctor’s that Brendan is the father. In analyzing the situation, Kristina turns down Chase’s persisting proposal. She decides that she does not desire to ruin his dreams and opportunities of doing well in the future and attending college, and lets him go. They then maintain in contact through occasional letters and Kristina/Bree continues to have her baby son, Hunter Seth, whom luckily, her parents help her raise. At conclusion of the novel, Kristina states that Bree will be a part of her life forever as will her addiction for the monster. She also states that for the moment, she will have to quit it in order to be able to take care of the baby. However, we all know that she will not do that.
Crank by Ellen Hopkins is a novel about infatuation, addiction, and going to great lengths to feed the extremely demanding needs of two. Based on Hopkins' former meth addict daughter, we follow Kristina’s path of destruction closely and personally through the writing style chosen by Hopkins. Every page is written as a different poem, describing the life of Kristina and describing her addiction. Some of the poems in the novel are shown as a visual guide, shaped by the text of the page that triggers emotions and provides powerful messages. For example, in the poem named "Changed," a part in the story where Kristina was facing troubles with her addiction and is trying to get healthy again, the text is written in the shape of a Cross. Not only does this make a stronger impact of the idea of keeping your faith during hard...

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