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Crash Of Boeing 777 To Madagascar

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The boeing 777 sped toward the earth at speeds increasing from five hundred miles per hour with a top speed of five hundred and ninty. Jim, the pilot was working the controls, he was an experienced airman who had over seventy-five thousand hours of flight experience, that is about three thousand one hundred and twenty five days of flight, while Josh his co-pilot was just a rookie airman with a third of the hours as Jim. The plane had three hundred and seventy five passengers on board, which were all freaking out because one of the only two engines went out half way to Madagascar. The plane, which is out of radio range, is flying above the middle of the Indian ocean right off the East coast of Africa. They still had one hundred and seventy miles to go.
Jim is a thirty eight year old man, with jet black hair, is an attractive, smooth, and calm individual. He is about six feet tall and has green eyes, he normally wears cargo pants, a short sleeve shirt, and a jacket, but today he is wearing his work clothes. This is involves blue dress slacks, black polished leather shoes, his black pilots jacket with a dark blue undershirt. He started flying at the age of twenty seven, when he returned from his time in the Air Force. He was a fighter pilot and was known for taking down a total of eighty seven enemy aircrafts and being an SR-71 pilot taking pictures of nuculear bombs and facilities in Algeria. He has a family, he is married to Taylor Martinez, and has two kids that are both girls named Aspen, and Lily. Aspen is eight and Lily is twelve, they both have blonde hair and green eyes. Mrs.Matinez is about five foot five and has blonde hair and blue eyes. They own a large house on the western coast of Washington.
Josh is a twenty eight year old who is about five foot eight started flying when he was 23, this was right after he got out of flight school. He has been flying for about three years, on and off, he flies part time and only about three times a week. This is his first flight that has left the United States, he usually stays within the states but the manager of the airport is giving him a shot at being one of the full time pilots, if he can handle this trip. Josh is not married but has a girlfriend named Jennifer Faye. Jennifer has no chidren and lives in a two room apartment, in Auburn, Washington. She is about five foot four, has brown hair, and brown eyes.
Jim wakes up at five forty five on June 5th, 2016. Jim notices there is a twenty mile per hour cross wind going to the west. It looks like there is going to be a storm, there is an overcast of dark clouds. The flight leaves at nine o'clock sharp. Josh wakes up at seven o'clock and notices the same things as Jim. Josh puts on his flying attire and heads off to work in his 2007 Mustang GT. Jim kisses his wife goodbye and goes on his way to work in his 1967 Shelby GT500. Jim arrives early and eats his breakfast at the airport. Josh gets to the airport and on the plane just as the...

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