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Crash Essay

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There are many social problems that exist in the world today, which includes but do not limits to self-identity and racism. However, they somehow go unnoticed because at times people conform to what society thinks is the way to live. In my opinion, people believe they should act or feel a certain way because of what is broadcast on television, featured in magazines, and even brought into the limelight by celebrities. After viewing the movie Crash, in my opinion, the movie targets on going social problems that are constantly being swept under the rug to this present day. I deem Crash a race movie because it forces the audience to question their own moral values.
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In this case, just because you are a successful black man does not deter from the underlying issue that you are still black in a white man world. Most people get use to stereotyping others but do not realize that they are dehumanizing and hurtful.
Not to stray away from the existing problem; however, there was a study conducted back in 1939 by Dr Kenneth Clark where they asked black children between the ages 6 and 9 to choose between white dolls and black dolls. Dr Clark asked several questions about the black doll such as “which doll is the good doll and which doll is the bad doll?” many of the children said that the bad doll was the black doll and the good doll was the white doll. This goes to show how society depicts blacks and whites and how racism and self-identity issues still exist and very much alive to this day. For example, when making a cake white cake is considered angel food whereas black cake is considered devil food. White is appears to be nice, clean, and angelic whereas anything associated with black appears to be dirty, evil, and bad. Society plays a big part in the way people think about one another.
Moreover, the movie Crash put together multiple scenes that deal with the different struggles of racial profiling. Some may say that stereotypes are a way to draw conclusions on others as to have an idea of the way people might appear to be. However, you should not judge a book by its cover because most of the time that is not a person true identity. Most people may have been a part of judging another based off their physical appearance or race because of the stereotypes that are placed...

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