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Crash Of Glo Air Flight 73 Essay

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Glo-Air Flight 73

On November 28, 2004 at about 10:00 a.m. mountain standard time, a Canadair (now Bombardier) CL-600-2A12 (Challenger 600), tail number N873G, crashed into the ground during takeoff at Montrose Regional Airport (MJT), Montrose, Colorado. The aircraft was registered to Hop-a-Jet, Inc., and operated by Air Castle Corporation doing business as Global Aviation. (Insert Here)The flight was operating under Part 135 Code of Federal Regulations. The captain filed the flight under an IFR Flight plan. Of the six passengers on board, three died from fatal injuries and the other three sustained major injuries. The aircraft was totaled due to the impact with the ground and a post-crash fire.
The flight had come in from Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Van Nuys, California. Witnesses recall that the plane had landed and parked at the FBO to receive some fuel. The plane had sat on the ramp for approximately 45 minutes before it took off again. While on the ramp, numerous witnesses recalled snow falling and “contaminating” the wings of the planes. Before the plane had taken off, witnesses said that they did not see either of the pilots inspect the wings for icing conditions and snow buildup. The METAR for the airport was, “wind calm, visibility 1 ¼ miles in light snow and mist, few clouds at 500 feet, overcast at 900 feet, temperature 1°C and dew point -2°C.”(Insert here) The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) recorded the captain asking the pilot, “How do you see the wings.” The first officer replied, “Good.” And the captain said back, “Looks clear to me”.(Insert here) The captain turned on the engine bleeds which help keep icing conditions down. A downfall with engine bleeds is that they reduce the take off distance. The captain then proceeded to taxi to runway three five (35). When the two pilots announced their intentions on the CTAF, a plow truck called back saying that they were in the process of removing snow off the runway. The captain asked how long three different times with no reply each time. They then decided to taxi to runway 31. This runway was shorter than runway 35 so the captain decided to turn off the engine bleeds to increase their take off performance.
The captain contacted Denver Air Traffic Control Center to open his IFR flight plan and had also received his clearance. The control center told...

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