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Crash is a 2004 crime drama film directed by Paul Haggis that shows different kinds of social and racial discrimination. Crash was filmed in Los Angeles, California. A city that abounds with issues of race and discrimination is the theme of the movie. Crash means collide violently or break into pieces noisily, but in this movie it means human interaction. The film begins and ends with a crash between different kinds of people. This movie presents how racism affects our society nowadays. Racism is viewed as thoughts, feelings and actions that almost everyone has felt before.
“It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., ...view middle of the document...

Why? Is it because they are not confident and proud of what they are and with what they have? Some stereotypes can make some people discourage. For example, some people think all Mexicans are gang-bangers or drug sellers, or all black people are criminals, or all Asians are stupid because they cannot speak English well. Although this movie shows many examples of bad attitudes, it also shows that people can change. For example, there is a police officer Ryan, who at the beginning is bad and rude. He later changes and learns from what he has done badly to people. Anthony, a black man who always has bad attitudes about everybody, but he forgets that he also has bad attitudes about himself without noticing. “Look at me, you embarrass me, you embarrass yourself,” Cameron says. Anthony just realizes after he hears it from a person that is black just like him.
Crash is a perfect presentation of racism in the society nowadays. The movie shows a lot about stereotypes and make people realize that everyone should not insult or abuse each other.
It is very good that Paul Haggis made this movie to people around the world to see and learn from what happens now in the society, but they all just forget or ignore it. Most people are born with good hearts, but when they grow up they change. Some people change because they learn from good or bad experiences. Some people change because of friends, society or fashion. But no matter how...

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