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Helen Fisher writes an intriguing article, “‘The First Fine Careless Rapture’: Who We Choose,” in which she describes various influences that contribute to the selection process when picking a prospective mate. Fisher takes into account several vital characteristics such as physical stature, as well as personality traits that direct a person’s desires. Though Fisher makes relevant points, she falls short of addressing changes occurring in modern society, and ignores other findings that refute her claims.
When Fisher begins to describe the physical stature of which the average man desires in a female mate she refers to the “waist to hip ratio” that plays into the male selection process of their female mate. She states that men, on average, prefer women whose waists are seventy percent of the circumference of their hips. She uses historical references to back up this claim by informing her readers that the physical stature of women in ancient statues from several different cultures were consistent with the “waist to hip ratio” idea. However, modern western culture has made the ideal body type for a female substantially thinner than ancient voluptuous women. When the super models that are displayed as what beautiful is and they represent a delicate frame it becomes the new norm, and therefore, contributes to the ideal body that one desires. Fisher does not take into account how this change could affect the manipulation of what men want their women look like today.
On the other hand, Fisher makes more of an emphasis on the personality traits when she explains the characteristics which women search for in male prospects. She describes the ideal man as someone who can provide financial stability and protection, as well as someone who holds high respect and status. Once again, Fisher uses historical context to support her claim by explaining that women have had to rely on men to provide for them and protect them. Though all of these traits may be positive characteristics in a man, and the need for a man’s financial support and protection is historically...

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646 words - 3 pages . The unconditioned response is smoking marijuana. The unconditioned stimulus is getting high and relaxed. The conditioned stimulus is seeing the car. The conditioned response is smoking marijuana. If this person gets into his car without smoking marijuana for a long time the cravings would extinct because he will stop expecting the marijuana. If people do not succeed in reducing conditional stimuli can lead to a spontaneous recovery or relapse.The

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900 words - 4 pages , instead of an individual disorder. The exact cause of pica is not known, but there are a number of theories that might explain this kind of obsession and behaviour. Nutritional deficiencies like iron or zinc may trigger specific cravings, although the craved items generally do not make up for the lacking minerals. People who diet sometimes tries to calm their hunger by eating non-food items, which do not contain any carbohydrates, fiber, fat

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1460 words - 6 pages & Kranzler, n.d). A more common drug to treat alcoholism is Naltrexone (ReVia, Depade). Naltrexone does not do anything to alcohol directly. Naltrexone effects alcohol craving by manipulating the opioid system that is connected to the nervous system(Colker, 2004). Naltrexone eliminates the physical cravings for alcohol and decreases the risk of relapse. In as much naltrexone prevents the endorphins from activating a part of the brain and diminishes

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1309 words - 5 pages   Argument against Smoking Mind over Matter “Nicotine patches and gum are common -- and often ineffective -- ways of fighting cigarette cravings, as most smokers have discovered. Now a new study from the American Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) shows why they're ineffective, and may provide the basis for more successful psychologically based smoking cessation programs” (American Friends, 2010). With smoking some feel that willpower

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1804 words - 7 pages conventional programsin several significant ways. First, it focuses on uncovering and treating physiological imbalances that may be causing alcohol cravings and throwing the entire body out of whack. For example: hypoglycemia is a common imbalance found in up to three quarters of alcoholics. The center's philosophy is simple 'Until the body begins getting the essential nutrients it needs, recovery cannot begin.' (Ewing, 1978) They believe that no

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