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Crazy For Love Essay

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William Shakespeare is one of the most widely read and influential authors and has written thirty-eight plays. A recurring theme seen throughout most of his works are about love. Love is when you have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. To possess these feelings for another person is easy, keeping them by your side is the hard part, especially with obstacles in your way. William Shakespeare’s infamous, Romeo and Juliet is the epitome of a tragic love story, their passion drove them to their fatal endings. By their actions, the reader can perceive they were madly in love with each other and would do anything in their power to be with the other. These types of actions ...view middle of the document...

..] Poor lady, she were better love a dream” (2.2.20-25). From this revelation, Olivia is concerned because she’s falling in love with Duke Orsino and doesn’t want Viola to get in the way. If Duke Orsino thinks Viola is flirting with Olivia, she will lose his respect and won’t be able to gain his trust back.

Duke Orsino’s and Viola’s relationship is puzzling as well because Orsino is in love with someone else. His feelings are all over the place, “Orsino is baffled partly by his infatuation for Olivia (which steeps him in a fashionable melan- choly) and by his inability to penetrate the disguise of the unfortunate Viola” (Crane). Orsino is attracted to the idea of Olivia and her physically, but doesn’t have a real connection with her. He cannot comprehend why he has feelings for Viola since she’s a man, but even though she is a man, he’s able to feel a connection with her, which shows their love is more true and beyond the outside. Duke Orsino realizes what Viola was hinting before, “Boy, thou hast said to me a thousand times thou never shouldst love woman like to me” (5.1.276-278). Once Orsino discovers that Viola has had these strong emotions for him this entire time, he immediately loves her and asks for her hand in marriage. Although he just found this out he marries her; this proves that love makes people incapable of thinking in reason, which provokes irrational actions.
Having Sebastian and Viola as twins creates more commotion and humor from mistaken identities. The reason why they’re twins, “Let no one tell us of the profound psychology that Shakespeare here displays in making Viola and Sebastian identical twins in wit and intellect as well as in form and feature” (Crane). This dilemma initiates many love situations between all the characters. The more problems, the more they have to fight for the ones they truly love, which drives everyone to make illogical decisions. When Viola denies their relationship, Olivia says, “Ay, husband: can he that deny?” (5.1.143). Olivia thinks she married “Cesario”, but in reality she married Sebastian. This mistaken identity causes people to question the truth and from all the confusion Viola reveals her true identity. It takes a lot of guts for her to confess and this validates Viola’s true feelings for Duke Orsino.
Latent symbols that are found within the text help express peoples love for each other without having to say it themselves. The letter given to Malvolio is used as a form of miscommunication to get him away from Olivia. Malvolio is oblivious to what’s happening because he’s in love, “Early modern spectators participate in Malvolio's extended, overheard aside, watching as his "imagination blows him" and as he adopts the humor of state" (Hobgood). The scene where Malvolio follows what the letter states shows that he’s willing to do anything for Olivia. He dresses and acts foolish, but he’s doing it all to woo her over. Malvolio attempts to impress Olivia, “Sad, lady! I could be sad: this...

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