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In the novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, written by Jeff Lindsay, the author describes the main character Dexter as a serial killer with no subconscious or no portrayal of emotions, labeling him a monster. Like everyone, Dexter Morgan was born with emotions. Due to the excruciating death of his mother and lack of parental guidance, Dexter does not realize how his emotions impact his life choices. This proves difficult for Dexter when faced with reality because he is inexperienced on how to cope and deal in real life situations. Relatable to society today, a complicated family setting led Dexter to misunderstand the concept of love and acceptance, leaving him feeling empty and hollow inside.
Many people assume that Dexter’s relationship with Rita is a monstrous disguise. “I wanted a disguise; Rita was exactly what I was looking for.” (57). Guiding the reader to believe Dexter is not accountable for murder because he has the ultimate family life. Dexter continues to develop his disguise; Rita fits the mold perfectly as the ideal girlfriend because she wants to take things slow, due to her past abusive relationship. Her guard is up the entire first year and half of their relationship, keeping things with Dexter simple and emotionally unattached. Dexter is content with this, continuing to hide within their seemingly perfect relationship. As this relationship progresses, Dexter is becoming emotionally invested in Rita’s children adding value to Dexter’s relationship with Rita. “But in fact, they mattered to me more than she did. Maybe it was already too late, but I didn’t want to see them grow up to be like me.” (58). This is where Dexter’s emotions come to play. He does not know how to help these precious kids, but such as a father would do for his own children, Dexter is hoping the best for Astor and Cody and wants to stick around to help shape their future because he is beginning to love them. He is uncertain how he will do this given his bleak past, but he has a clear idea of what not to do.
Confusion may arise through Dexter’s reference to Deborah Morgan. Dexter describes her as his “sister”(288) although she is merely his step-sister. Although easily looked over, this detail could implicate that Dexter has bonded with this woman, allowing him to consistently show fondness toward her. “If I could have feelings at all I would have them for Deb.” (16). Readers may look past this detail, feeling as though Deborah Morgan is just a female police officer who has supported Dexter throughout his journey. They may be under the impression that Deborah Morgan has left no sign of an emotional footprint in Dexter’s life, due to her ignorance of Dexter’s monstrous hobby. Other readers may grow suspicious of Dexter’s reference to Deborah Morgan, believing that through describing her as his sister, he is portraying specific care for her. A care only a brother would share for his sister, a love between siblings. In society today it is understood that love and...

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