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Have you ever felt that you needed protection from thugs, well Akeem Jamal felt the exact same way. After being beaten up one to many times, Akeem decided he needed to join the Mafia so he could have some people to cover his back. He decided that he should go to his father for what he'll need to do to join. Akeem woke up from the sound of shattering glass. He ran down stairs only to find that everything was ok. His twin brother, Howard, looked at him like he was crazy."I heard shattering glass. What in the world was that noise if it wasn't glass?" asked Akeem."Nothing broke you stupid boy! You're just a silly little man who knows nothing and makes up things for attention," exclaimed Akeem's father, Roy. Akeem shamefully opened the refrigerator for a glass of whiskey. He sat down and looked up at his father."Where were you last night?" asked Akeem."None of your business you stupid little idiotic boy. If you can't even make it past 8th grade then why in the world would I have to tell you that?" yelled Roy."Why! Because I care about you! You know what, why don't I just do something so I can just join the Mafia pa. Well what should I do? The sooner I know, the sooner I might be able to please you." remarked Akeem in a tone of aggression."You know what, come here," Roy said watching his son come closer, "Kill someone and then you can join the Mafia. Come back and ask me tomorrow and I'll have the name of who I want you to kill." Roy looked deep into Akeem's eyes and then suddenly smacked him in the face knocking him out. Akeem woke up the next morning with Howard staring in his face. Roy thought suddenly about a magnificent idea."Howard, why don't you and I switch places. I mean, you are great at killing and I am the worst at killing someone, that it would be more like tickling them...

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Answers the essay question "How was Antietam a major turning point of the war?" You might want to skim over it yourself, i'm not sure about some grammar/spelling.

534 words - 2 pages suffered in this war, the American people would not let it continue just for the sake of land and principal. The fact that the battle had been declared a Northern victory enabled him to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, abolishing slavery. Now, the Union was fighting for freedom, something they valued above all else. Emancipation may very well be a reason that the European powers shied away from the war. It also created over 100,000 new troops in

How does J.K Rowling engage the reader, and make them want to read on?

509 words - 2 pages imagine it themselves. The use of capital letters is used to show volume used in the character’s speech and signify their emotion.‘I WANT MY LETTER!’ he shoutedThis is an objective Rowling uses, to demonstrate the emotion that character’s feels. With this being Harry’s anger, it allows the reader to understand Harry’s anger; however it doesn’t answer the question of what the Dursleys are hiding. From the remainder

The War of 1812 Comment: I have at the bottom my opinion you can edit that if you want and just make it the conclusion paragraph.

820 words - 3 pages The War of 1812The years following the war of 1812, otherwise known as the 'Era of Good Feelings,' must be considered a time of exceptional growth and development in the United States, but above all it should be considered a time of evolution and ripening of American nationalism, unification, and economic progress. The War of 1812 was a very difficult war. States did not fulfill their duties to support the war effort. As a result, commanders and

It is a dialogue essay meant to show that you can make a dialogue essay.

893 words - 4 pages only I knew what he was up to."No way! How did you get her over to your house? I never knew that you two were that good of friends." I said surprisingly. I could never imagine her spending time with Tony, except for that fact that he does have alcohol. I want to go over to his house right now, because I know how fun it is to just get wasted with some girls. Lights came across my room as a car squealed its tires, and it brought me back to reality."I

The Fall of the Roman Empire (I even did the works cited page for you plagarizers, make sure to know MLA format)

1405 words - 6 pages with a net. When a gladiator was killed, an official would come out and check the dead body to make sure he was dead. Then, while trumpets played, the body was dragged out of the arena (Mulvihill Online). This sort of Roman entertainment, however, did not appeal to everyone. Seneca is quoted as saying, "One day I went to the midday games, hoping to enjoy light entertainment, rather than bloodshed. It was the exact opposite, the other shows I had

does that make me crazy?

1474 words - 6 pages telling him. By following his instincts, it leaves him to be "without care." He knows what he needs to do for his father and consequences do not matter.The chorus repeats "Does that make me crazy?" three times and ends with the word "probably." The repetition of the verse can accentuate how Hamlet is asking himself the same question. Does believing what he heard from what he thinks is a ghost making him insane? How can it be true? While at the same

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1695 words - 7 pages The Changes Eppie Make to Silas' Life In order to understand the changes that Eppie made to Silas' life we must first understand the kind of man he had become. We can do this by examining why and how he has been mentally hurt in his early life. Silas originally led a very religious life in the church, he was happy and contented. Silas had friends and a fiancée whom he loved. This all led to disaster as his best friend

Do you think it is morally acceptable for an employer to make rules against dating in the workplace?

1238 words - 5 pages theory that suggests an action is right if it maximizes happiness for the greatest number of people over the long term, given that everyone's happiness is of equal value. In other words, when we make a moral choice we must do a cost/benefit analysis where the common denominator is human happiness. An action is good if it creates more happiness than unhappiness. We are concerned here with everyone who might be involved. Each person's welfare must be

"Will the real William Shakespeare please stand up" Christopher Marlowe is the real shakespeare..many parts of this is taken from the book "The Shakespeare Invention" make sure you credit it.

920 words - 4 pages information had finally been released and placed in it's proper order. But the majority of the world continues to believe that Shakespeare was his own man, and still the greatest playwrites to live. However you look at it, who ever went under the name Shakespeare was an amazing writer. Hence, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" Marlowe went by over 10 alias's, which is nothing compared to

Free Fall The paper is fine if u want to get 100 make sure u tuch up on the history of freefall.

1179 words - 5 pages earth. Newton later took Galileo's ideas about mechanics and formalized them into his laws of motion.Newton's first law states that "Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it." This law is also called "Law of Inertia" or "Galileo's Principle. Inertia is the tendency of any state of affairs to persist in the absence of external influences. Specifically, in physics, it

"Words That Make You Think" is an definition essay. It is about the word "depression.

1010 words - 4 pages surface, a dent in metal, wood that has a large dent would also classify as a depression. A good example would be if you were in a fender bender accident, the depression (the small dent) in your car.A really hard definition of depression to remember for some people is "A method of operating for cataracts, couching."( That was a very primitive way to treat cataracts, but it became popular in the ancient civilizations of Babylon and

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