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Create A Hypothetical Business Essay

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Create a hypothetical business in which he/she is the owner and chief operating officer. You will describe your business by indicating what it does, how many employees it has, what type of business entity it is (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, Limited Liability Company ((LLC)). This same hypothetical (or real) business may be referred to in each hypothetical (case study) if you choose (you can create a new business, if you wish). On the week you have been assigned to post, you will create a fictional legal scenario (legal problem concerning the business also referred to as a case study) involving an issue covered in the current week's reading and apply the legal principles found in your textbook readings to your hypothetical business. If the student's business is a shoe store, the student might explain how the issues covered in the current week's readings affect his/her shoe store. For example, if the week's readings covered the legal issue of breach of contract, the student might create a scenario in which an unhappy customer wants to return a pair of six month old, previously worn shoes. Further, the student will explain any legal options that might be open to the business owner, as well as to the customer and how those legal options would probably get resolved. This posting should be 350 to 500 words and should include the identity (or link) to any references used, and any additional information or research deemed pertinent by the student. A sample case study will be posted in the Course Documents module in Blackboard.
The idea here is to stimulate discussion with and among your classmates and to generate genuine interest and excitement for the class. Outside research shared with the class is required to receive full credit. Use your ability to create links, or any other online tool available to you. Students will be awarded up to 10 points for each discussion topic presented. Do not use Wikipedia as a resource although that website is informative, it is also collaborative and not suitable for scholarly writings. Points will be awarded based on the quality of writing (grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, etc.), the quality, relevance and complete nature of the submission; the student's explanation of why the issue is of significance to business administration students; and the outside research and insight you bring to the class.

William-Shannon Investments, LLP
14500 Peach Blossom Blvd. suite 0002
Atlanta, Georgia 14500-0002

Company Background
WSI is a limited liability partnership with its main headquarters in Atlanta and 28 eco-friendly properties in exotic locations across the globe. My partner Shannon and I are the two general partners and the 5 limited partners include our collective parents. WSI is proud to have luxurious, villa- style bungalows, deluxe condominiums, and penthouses in some...

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