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Create A Marketing Plan For A Marketed Product In Your Country.

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1.0 Executive SummaryTerra ICT Malaysia provides a variety of creative and innovative online games to gamers, with the marketing mission of "If you have never experience Terra ICT Malaysia e-Games, you have never experienced online gaming". This recreation of online games has no boundaries by means of cultural and demographic environment.Since 2000, sales of our online games have been surging healthily, with a growth rate reaching its peak in year 2002. Unfortunately, sales started to decline in year 2003.Our partnership with Bintai Kinden Corp. Bhd. has maintained our status as a market leader in this field for the past several years. However, competitors are growing in numbers and competition is getting very aggressive. Therefore, we plan on marketing ourselves aggressively in the coming year. We will produce our first company brochure, which we'll use as a handout at the cyber cafes as place of distribution venues. Costs for production of the ads, the brochure and placement of the ads will be $8,500.Terra ICT Malaysia will continue to position itself as market leader in online games by creating new and better services, developing a market for the corporate world, also playing an active role in promoting the online games globally.Year 2005 will be both exciting and challenging for us as we move towards a different level in market expansion.1.1 Organization StructureManagement TeamChief Executive OfficerTom TamuraChief Operating OfficerCS ChinChief Marketing OfficerLeong Seng KeatChief Technology OfficerY S ChanChief Support OfficerG L GohAbove, is the organization structure of Terra ICT Malaysia. There are 4 different Chief Officers under the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) which are the following:-*Chief Operating Officer which is responsible on the activities of the company and will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).*Chief Marketing Officer, which is responsible in managing the selling process of the company's products and developing marketing plans to market the products.*Chief Technology Officer, which is responsible in managing, maintaining and updating the computer systems of the whole company.*Chief Support Officer, who manages feedback from online game users.The head of each department answers to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). (refer to Appendix 1.1 for the structure of Board of Directors)1.2 Market AnalysisThis company, Terra ICT Sdn. Bhd., is quite new to the online games market. Teenagers, especially between the ages of 14-20 are their main target customers. Therefore, their target is to fulfill teenager's desire by giving them extreme excitement with full of great extensive catalog of games. In spite of that, they do want to prevail against other online game companies. This will be in detail further onwards.1.3 Varieties of Game.Terra ICT is offering 15 online games, compromising various genres at (e-Games) portal. Currently, there are 7 games available for consumers in Malaysia to choose...

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