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Creating a Plan
With any new idea or project, a team or group wants to start right away, assign duties and tasks and give a thorough report to the powers to be on the success of the project. Similar to diving in head first, safety precautions should be taken into consideration before attempting the project. A successful team needs to set up ground rules, expectations to abide by, set a solid work schedule, set performance targets, and determine strengths and areas of opportunity of each team member and the type of team dynamic or team setting best suited to complete the project. The following paper will follow a team as the team completes a one-year project. The paper will highlight the approach used, how the team stayed focused and motivated and how the difference in attitudes among the key players collaborated in the success and downfalls of completing the project.
Team A, a functional work team (Functional work teams historically have longer stability, better duration of team member but sometimes lack diversity- Yukl, 2010) have been tasked by the head of IT department to develop a new software program that will work off a SQL server and allow more efficient customer inquiries, quicker data entry input time and will be connected to locations for “real time reporting. The project will take up to a year to complete with quarterly reporting, face-to-face and virtual meetings and a form of “brainstorming” sessions. The TV show House, MD, uses the brainstorming approach to solve medical mystery cases each week. Instead of labeling what the patience illness is, the team determines what the illness is not, thus coming up with the resolution (Usually House has an epiphany and solves the medical mystery). Most are on the fence about brainstorming, and feel it is a forum to convince those to go with the majority rules, regardless of how they feel. However, brainstorming has led the way to strong group development techniques such as the five-stage group-development model (A five-step circle of trust process), setting up “norms” or rules and cohesiveness.
Team A consists of four individuals joined from various departments that the new software program will directly affect. Members included are from the IT, human resources, customer service, and sales department. This new program will make each of his or her job more functional and rewarding.
The team is motivated to get the project underway and to complete it in a timely manner. It’s been determined a set of rules must be established, a team leader assigned, the role each team member should play and how the team lead will keep the team motivated throughout the entire year timeframe. A set of “norms” or acceptable standards or behaviors within the group is shared by all members has been determined. These are the golden rules that all members will abide by and refer to in times of questioning (Robbins & Judge, 2011).
Business Plan
The functional team has elected the human resources associate...

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