Creating A Bootable Cd Rom Essay

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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=CREATING A BOOTABLE CD-ROM=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=WARNING: Creating a Bootable CD-ROM is intended for the advanced user.It requires an understanding of how to create bootable floppy disks andhow to create and edit DOS CONFIG.SYS and/or AUTOEXEC.BAT files.Adaptec Easy CD Creator allows you to create CDs that you can boot from.However, not all systems support booting from CD-ROMs. Here is what youwill need:1.) If your computer has a built-in CD-ROM drive, you should check yoursystem BIOS settings and see if you can enable Bootable CD-ROMsupport. Most Pentium class systems (or higher) support thisfeature.2.) If your CD-ROM drive is connected to a SCSI host adapter, and ifthe SCSI host adapter has a BIOS on-board, you should check yourhost adapter documentation and see if it supports booting from aCD-ROM.Adaptec Easy CD Creator creates a bootable CD-ROM by copying the contentsof a bootable floppy disk to your CD. When you boot to the CD-ROM, theexact contents of your floppy disk are now seen on your CD-ROM drive.Under most configurations, the CD-ROM drive is accessible as drive A: whileyour floppy drive automatically moves from drive A: to B:.When you boot to your CD-ROM, your drive A: will only show you the contentsthat were on your floppy disk. You will not see any of the files that wereadded to your CD layout from within Easy CD Creator. In order to see theCD-ROM content, you need to properly create the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BATthat are on the root directory of your bootable floppy disk / CD-ROM.The creation of the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT is dependent on the systemyou are planning to boot from. The CONFIG.SYS file will typically containthe instructions to load your DOS CD-ROM driver while the AUTOEXEC.BAT filewill contain the instructions to load Microsoft's DOS CD-ROM Extensions(i.e. MSCDEX.EXE).Please consult your system's documentation for the proper way to load yourDOS CD-ROM driver and MSCDEX.EXE. You should test...


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774 words - 3 pages . Windows Managers User interface is what makes or breaks an operating system, in my opinion, and have often heard that people dread the transition to Linux from Windows for this very reason. The desktop environment (DE) used for the Knoppix bootable CD, once experienced, should resolve all the fears associated with transitioning to or using Linux. As stated above, X Windows does not define how a window is drawn, so what is it that gives the

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813 words - 3 pages The speed of a computer is affected by many factors. In this paper, the role of the RAM, Clock speed, Data on hard disk, Data on CD ROM and Data on floppy disk in determining the speed of a computer will be discussed. The three most important factors is said to be the amount of the data on the hard disc or the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the Clock speed and the RAM.To start the effect of the RAM is discussed. RAM stands for Random Access

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944 words - 4 pages multimedia such as an interactive CD-ROM that incorporate sounds and images that are visually stimulating with interaction to that of a book, television or the cinema. Like I mentioned earlier, the ironic thing about the research of this essay was that it was primarily done on books. Research was also carried out on-line and I have even used ideas that were based on past experiences on multimedia to prove certain points of it. From the interview

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1370 words - 5 pages the drive being the most important. On read only versions of disks, grooves are made on the disk during manufacturing and that is what the laser reads. “A recorder encodes (or burns) data onto a recordable CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, or BD-R disc (called a blank) by selectively heating parts of an organic dye layer with a laser. This changes the reflectivity of the dye, thereby creating marks that can be read like the pits and lands on pressed discs

Multimedia in Computers

1334 words - 5 pages -compatible keyboard optional. · Operating system: MS-DOS or PC-DOS version 3.3 or higher or functionally equivalent operating system operating in real mode. (Multimedia on the PC 1993, p. 2) Multimedia applications require lots of storage space, creating a demand for larger disks. As applications continue to increase in size, they will incorporate training or realistic simulations. Applications that currently run directly off a CD-ROM or from a

A Review of Computer Abilities

1324 words - 5 pages desire to retrieve the originally entered information. The tape is another outdated method of storing information. It is very versatile in that it can be easily transported and in most cases can be rewritten. However, the technology needed to retrieve the information from a tape is also becoming obsolete and this could be a serious drawback to using this method. The final type of storage device reviewed is the CD ROM. A CD eliminated the concern over

Secondary Disk Storage

1022 words - 4 pages Philips defined the CD-Audio standard to allow customer interchange of audio CDs across manufacturers of audio players [2]. The huge success of CD-Audio, coupled with its inherent digital nature, led to a minor modification of the CD-Audio format and to the introduction of the CD-ROM in 1984. The first applications, paralleling paper, were electronic books and magazines that were replicated at a relatively low cost and targeted to vertical markets

"Revolutionary Plastic - DVD"

594 words - 2 pages first companies to make CD players, was the first to make a DVD player. The invention of DVD cannot be attributed to one person or one company.DVD-Video is the usual name for the DVD format designed for full-length movies and is a player that will work with your television set.For starters, the Digital Versatile Disc is comprised of several models, each positioned to meet the needs of specific industries. DVD-Video and DVD-ROM, which were the first

Computer Hardware and Component Usage and Performance Issues

1445 words - 6 pages IntroductionIn this paper I will discuss component usage and component performance issues relatedto computer hardware. First I will explain what the media storage devices on a computer are andwhat their appropriate uses are. Next, I will discuss the roles in defining the speed/performanceof the computer related to: RAM, clock speed of the CPU, retrieving data from the Hard Drive,retrieving data from a CD ROM and retrieving data from a floppy


1095 words - 4 pages install Service Pack 1. Please contact your software vendor or Microsoft directly regarding service pack availability. WWP utilizes DirectX 7 and is not compatible with Windows NT.Media Care CD-ROM discs can be susceptible to producing errors if not correctly taken care of and there are a few steps you may take to minimise problems occurring: Store the CD-ROM in a location that is not prone to extreme heat or humidity.Store the CD-ROM safely in the

The Compact Disk Revolution

3829 words - 15 pages ), readable by CD-players connected to computers. This allowed for the easy transfer of data between computers. Because all computer data--programs--is, at its most basic level, binary, CDs are a perfect means of transmission. In 1985, the first CD-ROM drives were publicly available for PC use. However, software companies were slow to take advantage of this. The high cost of CDs and their players proved too prohibitive for immediate use. In

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3090 words - 12 pages , while others can hold over a hundred. CD players can be found in the home or automobile, and many are made for portable use (Pohlmann, 902). There are other applications of CD technology other than sound recording. The CD-ROM, which stands for Compact Disc- Read Only Memory, can be used to store text, graphics, and sound (Feldman, 161). CD-ROMs are created and used much like their audio cousins. However, the CD-ROM differs from the audio CD

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1702 words - 7 pages others as 'Slaves'. Storage Devices - CD ROM CD ROMs store a large amount of data. Most computer games are now purchased on CD ROMs. Data is stored optically which means that it is read by using a laser. The CD ROM is placed inside a drive and the disc rotates at high speed. A laser light and sensor moves back and forth as the disk rotates in the drive. A standard CD ROM can hold 650Mb of data but it is