Creating A Computerized Cinema Booking And Seating System

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Creating a Computerized Cinema Booking and Seating System

Describing the task: The task is to make a computerised booking and
seating system for a cinema upgrading from a manual system. I intend
to solve the problem that the small Curzon cinema in Eastbourne has.
The problem is that with a manual system, they can no longer cope with
doing things manually, because things can go wrong, including
accountancy and booking problems, and all is time consuming. The new
computerised system will solve the problems because calculations will
be done automatically, therefore the new system will be better than
the manual one, because it will be more accurate and also less time
consuming for the user.

Analysing the task: To solve the problem I will use Microsoft Excel
because it's a database program, which is highly appropriate for the
type of system that will be created. The system will contain a grid
that will represent the cinema seats, customer type and their details
will be typed in the cell in abbreviated characters. The system will
also contain an accountancy area, for the benefit of the staff, who
won't have to do it all manually.

Testing: I can tell that my system has worked, because I have
simulated a cinema session as a test. The accountancy graphs
accurately calculated all the data input. Names and details were made
up to test the booking part of the cinema, all worked well and if the
customers were real, they would have been satisfied. The testing
occurred so I could be able to tell how successful and effective the
whole system was; it's proved to good and appropriate for a small
cinema company to rely on.

Output format: The seating and booking system itself doesn't get
printed, because it's all done on the VDU. But the system is also used
to print the tickets generated by Excel and also Microsoft Publisher
can be used to make posters for advertisement purposes.

Specifying the task: I can tell my solution has worked, because it
will provide a faster way for the cinema to do all their booking and
accountancy on. The criteria I have used to judge the success of my
system, is that the seating grid with the accountancy section have
worked well together to provided a simple solution for a small cinema
company like the Curzon in Eastbourne.

Design the system: "CUSTOM CINEMA SYSTEM" file.

Hardware resources: Because the system will only use programs like
Microsoft Excel and Publisher, it won't need such a big hard drive to
store the different files. So a moderately big hard drive of 20GB
would be appropriate. But it would be recommended that the system use
a fast processor, so the system can do everything faster, so customers
don't wait too long for their tickets to be processed. A processor of
1.8GHZ would be recommended.

For the system to switch between...

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