Creating A Culturally Diversed Classroom Essay

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It is up to the teacher to create the culturally, responsive, inclusive classroom. This is done by the teacher paying attention to the different backgrounds among his/her students and to have these differences reflected in a meaningful way to the child. It will make it easier for the students to learn if consideration is made towards their culture. "This recognition gives students a positive feeling about their worth as individuals and as production members in their classroom" (Martin, Ashelman, and Searson 213). The culture of the child is the foundation for all past and future learning to that child. This is because of the language that is used through the every day activities, such as speaking. Many different theorists believe language is the foundation for all learning, including literacy. Vygotsky thought that children learned through their exposure to language with adults, such as concrete experiences and simultaneous experiences. This is similar to Bruner's theories that you can apply all children's oral language to literacy instruction (Cramer 67-8). Thus, if language and culture is accepted into your classroom it will make teaching literacy easier as a whole. That is because literacy is reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and visually representing (Cramer 6).There are many different things that you need to do to accomplish this. As a teacher you need to assess your own knowledge of the different cultures that are in your classroom. This will lead to broadening your horizons on situations, languages and other differences to you. Similarly, there are assignments that can be done to enhance the knowledge of the students in the class. This can be accomplished with interdisciplinary units, journal writing, multicultural books and open ended projects (Martin, Ashelman, and Searson 212-3). The goal is to make everyone feel comfortable with their own culture as well as someone else's. When everyone is knowledgeable to the differences of one...

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1213 words - 5 pages classroom communities. Taking the time to develop appropriate knowledge bases, having high expectations for all students, providing a welcoming environment, and working with family members and the community, depict a multicultural classroom atmosphere. Sheets (2009) provides on culturally responsive instruction, “it is important to become conscious that the arduous journey from novice to expert requires hard work, relentless commitment, and a high investment of time and energy” (p. 17). All teachers must continually acquire the ability to apply and translate ideologies immersed within diversity to enable all students to achieve.

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1466 words - 6 pages ). Culturally responsive teachers use teaching methods that are effective for the cultures they teach. Cruickshank (1990) indicated that effective teachers are identified by (a) their character traits, (b) what they know, (c), what they teach, (d), how they teach, (e), what they expect from their students, (f) how their students react to them, and (g) how they manage the classroom. Culturally responsive teachers adjust their behaviors, strategies

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