Creating A Culture Of Empowerment And Accountability Class Assignment

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(1) How would you describe the culture at SMdP before the arrival of Odiotti and Seiberlich?
Before the arrival of Odiotti and Seiberlich the culture of SMdP was arbitrary and desultory. The survey’s results showed that most of the teachers’ faculty did not believe on school policies and philosophy of learning process in SMdP. As a result the teachers’ turnover rate was very high which defiantly not a good sign for the school culture was. There were multiple issues in the school which disgrace the culture of SMdP. Like late arrival of students was the part of school culture. There were physical fights among the students. There was no mutual respect for teachers and class mates. As both were not concerning with respect it’s obvious when a school culture was not representing respect among teacher then eventually students will also disrespect each other as they were in SMdP. Students often create disruptions by entering class rooms through sides rather than main doors. The school culture represented the attitude and behavioral issues that’s why there were no role models for the juniors from seniors. There was no welcoming atmosphere around the school which was negative element for a school culture.
There was a lack of academic performances not only the students but also the teachers were not taking any concern for best results or performance. The culture clearly depicted the racial, ethnic and academic diverse issues in school. The culture also represented that there was no check and balance for the teacher and students also. To sum up, there was shortage of good will, infrastructure of school. Obviously all these problems created a general perception among the outsiders were not good. Ultimately all these elements make a school culture and there in SMdP the culture was badly affected in all areas.

(2) Was the school's culture aligned to its mission?
When we discuss about the SMdP’s culture association with mission, the answer would be; No, the school culture was not aligned with the school mission statement as in the mission statement it was clearly depicted that “The School is committed to academic excellence made affordable for young people of limited options through each student’s participation in the hire for education program. SMdP will strive to develop the full potential of each student in an atmosphere of mutual respect for the religious and cultural heritage of every individual”.
Let us now discuss the mission statement against the current scenario. According to the mission statement there should be academic excellence for students and of course for the school as well that was absolutely not there. As most of the students were not completing their session seriously even a quarter of a class of 2008 ten of forty two students did not complete their academic requirements in time to graduate. So it did not align with school mission. Then we see...

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