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Creating A Democratic State. Instituting A Constitutional Monarchy (Breif Essay).Comments Welcome

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If you wished to create a just and stable democratic state that effectively manages conflict, what blend of characteristics would it have?I sat here thinking, if I was in president Bush's position what would I do with Iraq or any other new area of the world when deciding to instatute a new country or new government. The major thing before deciding on a form of government for any State that the creators need to address is the religion of its inhabitants. Since the world houses about 2.14 Billion Christian's, (, which makes up 1/3 of the population of the planet.When speaking from a religious aspect one must remember that a true Christian, one Loyal to God and believes what is written in the bible, is a Monarchist. Republics haveendlessly tried to distort Scripture to their purpose. However, from the beginning of time itself God's system has been Monarchy. God is a monarch. Most religious leaders agree with monarchy as the proper god inspired form of government and Republics as the in-proper, greed based form of government.Reverend Mkhuluza Zwane believes that there is not any verse in the bible that says a president should rule a county and that they are like power hungry rapist that break into office to rule. The Patriarchs were Monarchist, they passed down rule from father to son, and in many books of the Bible we see that Isreal was once ruled by Princes. There are numerous passages in which God commands us to honor our king, not to rebel against them, not to even think evil thoughts of them.GovernmentWith all that said, I would establish a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy if the population of the State was predominately Christian in origin. There would be threeessential branches of government as follows:1.)Royal2.)Legislative3.)JudicialLegislative and RoyalThe Royal Family, specifically the King or Queen would oversee all affairs of the Realm. They would be Head of State and Head of Government. Any Prince's or Princess's would serve as Prime Minister once they reach the age of twenty-one. If there are no Prince and Princess to serve as prime minister the reigning Monarch would appoint one until a child was born and reaches the age to serve in that position. To combat corrupt or otherwise ungodly Kings and/or Queens from ruling, there would be a Royal Clause in the Constitution whereas the royal family could "remove" the reigning Monarch on the grounds of Treason, genocide, or most denials of basic human rights.There would also be, described in detail, the right of accession to the throne of the kingdom listing at least 50 people that are in line to the throne at any given time adding to the stability of government. All members of the Royal Family would also have to serve in the Military they are commanders of for a specified number of years. This would not be a provision, it would be a royal decree within the Constitution. However, in cases where the Monarch may be assassinated and the next in line is not of age then a Regent...

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