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Creating A Market For Electric Cars

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When Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903, it would go on to start a revolution for the American auto industry. Ford pioneered the assembly line and increased auto production substantially. Today, Ford is one of the most successful auto makers in the world. According to the company, a key factor of success is the focus on building relationships and placing the consumer first. Understanding the consumer and how they view business helps Ford to continue improvement ("Marketing strategy", 2010). Ford is a first-rate example of good marketing techniques. They know how to sell a vehicle to a consumer, as displayed by their position in the top eight of U. S. auto makers. New technology paves the way for new ideas, and new ideas do best when they use existing models. That is why the relatively new concept of battery operated cars should look to already successful auto makers for example. Battery powered cars are becoming more and more marketable with more research and a developing consumer base. Although there is plenty of development to ensue, this paper can help marketing managers figure out the best way to utilize the power of new technology and, in time, have a consumer base that desires battery powered cars for various reasons. This paper will show an array of issues that support an argument for the marketability of cars that operate on battery power.
Battery powered cars are more complex than they sound. One might think that the mechanics behind battery power merely consist of charging the battery before a road trip. There is actually an entire process that transforms energy into power. Whereas a gasoline powered vehicle uses an internal combustion engine to convert gasoline into energy, battery powered vehicles generate their own energy by storing it in thousands of lithium ion cells, like the ones in a laptop computer, and tapping into those cells to release the energy through electricity. Without getting too far into the science of how an electric car works, battery power is a much more efficient use of energy. One of the biggest reasons is because it conserves gasoline.
The conservation of gasoline is a great concern for many reasons, one of which is that the amount of money spent on refining oil to produce the fuel is great. The oil industry plays a large role in the auto industry. Oil currently hovers above $100 per barrel. Oil is a necessity for operating machinery, enabling a car to function, and manufacturing gasoline. According to the California Energy Commission, as of March 10, 2014, the price of crude oil was $2.55. Ten years before that, the price was $.84, and in March 1999, the price was $.29. These prices reflect the daily market price for crude oil from the Alaska North Slope (California Energy Commission, 2014). These figures show that oil is getting increasingly expensive to produce, and that is reflected at the pump. Hybrids have the ability to use battery and gas power, and electric cars use no gasoline at all....

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