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Creating A Robot Pet Dog Essay

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The objective of this project is to build a robotic dog that performs tricks that are
determined by the number of times it is petted. The robotic dog would be a perfect toy
and friend for a child, especially an only child. It would not require training, since the
tricks would already be programmed into the robot. Although the idea of the robot seems
simple, the actual construction of this robot is extremely difficult and takes up a lot of
time. Three different models of the body structure were constructed until a fully
functioning robot was finally discovered.
About 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, human beings had developed signs of
relationships with wolves, which are believed to be the ancestors of the modern
housedog. The wolves were social animals that traveled in packs that they were willing
to defend with their lives. Social ranks existed in these wolf packs, in which all the
wolves would submit to one leader. This submission made it easy for humans to raise
wolves for beneficial reasons because the wolves allowed the recognition of humans as
their leaders. As a result, humans lived in harmony with the human-raised wolf
companions, utilizing the wolves for hunting, rounding up their flocks, and protecting
them when intruders were a threat. After a long period of time, the wolves gradually
evolved into the typical household dogs of today.
A household dog would be a perfect companion for an only child of modern
times, especially since less people want to have children and since some only want to
have one child. An only child with no siblings would sometimes feel lonely or bored and
would then resort to begging their parents for dogs. The dog could potentially be their
link to attracting some new friends and some extra attention, especially if the dog could
perform some tricks to entertain other people. Unfortunately, sometimes parents discover
that either they or their children are allergic to the dogs. In addition, some parents dislike
all pets and complain that they are too much of a hassle. These conflicts may be solved
by a Lego Mindstorm robot that performs tricks like a pet dog.
First of all, the robot has no fur that may trigger allergic reactions and provides
entertainment for children. It may still help children attract attention and give children
satisfaction when the robot is petted. This robot may perform certain tricks of the pet
dog, and the performed trick would be determined by the number of pats it receives. This
robot needs no training and no food, yet it still provides entertainment for a child, and
may act as a companion for a child that occasionally feels bored or lonely.
Before beginning the final project, I practiced working with the Lego Mindstorm
structures and programming language NQC. After gaining experience from the
construction of the Roverbot from the Constructopedia, I explored the many possible
ways to make my robotic...

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