Creating A Strategic Program Management Plan For Friar Tucker International

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Running head: CREATING A STRATEGIC PROGRAM MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR FRIAR TUCKER INTERNATIONALCreating a Strategic Program Management PlanFirst Last (student)March, 01, 2010University NameMMPBL/510First Last (professor)Creating a Strategic Program Management PlanThis paper will explain the selected projects that directly link with Friar Tucker's strategic objectives. "The top priority of management is to ensure that there's a shared vision for the future of the organization and that this vision is part of the culture" (Bradford & Tarcy, 2000, p. 1). This paper will explain the results of evaluating several potential projects such as Kalimpong, which specializes in specialty franchises on the east coast providing luxury and fine cuisine. Friar's Nest which would convert 50 rooms in a hotel in Washington D.C. into deluxe suites. The Braithwaite Greens project which would convert a market resort in North Carolina into an up market country club. The Templar Towers project, which would develop a huge office complex with a full floor dedicated to corporate entertainment, bowling, pool, and a gymnasium. Finally, the Galleria would become an entertainment hub with multiple screen theaters, sports facilities, shopping malls, bowling, pool, and a fitness center. The findings of this paper will confirm the projects directly link with the strategic objectives of Friar Tucker and will allow for proper implementation into its focus areas. "Every business has a course and direction, just like a sailboat on the ocean. Left alone, the boat drifts with the end currents. But if a captain and officers have a destination in mind and take control of the boat, it becomes a vehicle to get to the future, a vehicle for realizing dreams" (Bradford & Tarcy, 2000, p. 3). Selecting the wrong project will give customers the wrong impression of what Friar Tucker is. Friar Tucker may actually loose popularity or become less associated with its current direction. As a result the organization may struggle financially. It is important that the correct project be selected in order to influence customers to continue with Friar Tucker and to positively affect the organization.Situation AnalysisConsidering the individuals in the Friar Tucker Simulation an analysis of Friar Tucker International's strategic plan must be evaluated. "Too many projects were getting approved, and for all the wrong reasons. And then they were not managed cohesively for maximum strategic benefit. All approved projects were chasing the same limited resources available to do all the project work, so some were bound to fail. Project chaos was exhausting everyone. It became clear to me that new strategic project portfolio management practices were needed"(Norrie, 2008, p. 4). Having too many projects will not allow Friar Tucker to concentrate on what the best option for the organization is. Therefore, it may gamble and loose on a company that brings a negative image and/or brings...

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