Creating A Plan For Positive Influence

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Creating a Plan for Positive InfluenceIn this paper the team will review and discuss the scenario that our learning team is assigned a large team project. The team has identified the areas to properly create a plan for positive influences in our business and team project setting. Our discussion will encompass how the items identified will increase a team's motivation, satisfaction, and the performance of the team. We have addressed how attitudes play a key role in the team and individual environment, how emotions play into the goals, and how personalities and personal values create opportunities in our collaboration and how they influence our team behavior. Finally in conclusion we address how the differences can positively influence our team environment.The team wanted to discover what motivates and satisfies employees. Most would say that money is the number one factor in influencing our team to perform and work hard at work. We want to determine what happens after the individual or team reach his or her goals, what motivates and satisfies them. Herzberg states that "intrinsic factors, such as advancement, recognition, responsibility, and achievement seem to be related to job satisfaction" (Robbins & Judge, 2007, p. 191). Our team agrees that we hold these intrinsic values to be true in being successful in a team environment. We must find the motivating factors by either team discussions or questionnaires intended to discover those motivational factors. Managers try to alleviate the dissatisfaction in a job by bringing peace to their employees but not necessarily motivate them. To motivate employees, Herzberg states that a company needs certain hygiene factors. These qualities were physical working conditions, quality of supervision, pay, company policies, and job security. Even with these characteristics an employee may not be motivated and satisfied. Herzberg's believed that an employee or team is either satisfied on the job, or not satisfied. Herzberg also believes that "job satisfaction is separate and distinct from those that lead to job dissatisfaction" (Robbins & Judge, 2007, p. 192). Herzberg suggested if managers want to satisfy and motivate employees managers need to "emphasize factors associated with the work itself or to outcomes directly derived from it, such as promotional opportunities, opportunities for personal growth, recognition, responsibility, and achievement. These are the characteristic that people find intrinsically rewarding" (Robbins & Judge, 2007, p. 191). The learning team agrees that these same motivating factors can positively influence our team in a business setting.Attitude is a "predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation" (Business, 2010, p.1). Whether an individual is in school, work, or other various areas in his or her life, he or...

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