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Creating And Maintaining A Healthy Organizational Culture.

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How to Create and Maintain a HealthyOrganizational CultureThere are numerous attributes, roles and responsibilities that a leader must assume and perform in order to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. The purpose of this paper is to provide two recommendations on how a leader would create and maintain a healthy organization. Following the recommendations, the author will give supporting information that is required of leaders roles and responsibilities. Many of the required attributes, which are required of an effective leader, are common sense. This paper will focus on two of the essential areas, ethics and harassment. These two areas are foundations, which any company must have in order to be a highly productive and a healthy organizational culture.Recommendations of creating and maintaining a healthy organizational cultureHow does one create and maintain a healthy organization culture? With the thoughts, opinions, and references to third party sources this paper will support the authors thinking and will answer the questions.The first recommendation would be to a company, which is in shambles. I would suggest finding a new charismatic leader to come in with a fresh attitude to change the workings of the organization. In today's business world, this practice is quite common. Sometimes the leadership of a company gets so wrapped up in negative behavior and practices that all employees of that company end up suffering. Which in turn, affects productivity and employee retention. During these times it might be wise to bring in a new leader, one who will take charge and re-organize the company. The new leader, after getting acquainted with the staff members and the companies operations and expectations of what is expected of him or her, should start implementing a new strategic plan. The leader should not only focus on activities of upper management of the company, he or she should start at the bottom and work up.The second recommendation would be for a company who is starting out. If a strong charismatic, vision oriented leader is hired by the owner and is able to structure the company to his or her style in cooperation with the owner, the company would have a much higher chance of success. I must express a warning though, without the right business plan, financing and the product or service that is going to awestruck the consumers. I do not care how good you or your chosen leader is the company is subject to failure. It is imperative that the company's owners or the board members, hire leaders which share the same ideals for success as he or she does.Roles and ResponsibilitiesWhat are the roles and responsibilities of leaders in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture? There are so many areas and traits, which a leader must have in order to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture that it is very hard to arrange them in a logical order. Most of the traits are common sense such as: highly motivated,...

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