Creating And Maintaining An Environment For Students To Work In

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How to maintain and create an environment for students to work in

Creating and maintaining an environment for students to work in is a very important part to the success of classroom management. According to Guthrie, “maintaining a learning environment requires teachers to actively monitor their students” (Guthrie, 2003, pg. 301). This means that an elementary school teacher must keep a close eye on what students are learning and ethical behavior being presented by the students. Jeff South said, “The goal of my class is to awaken conscience- that inner voice that tells students right from wrong” (South, 2004). When creating a learning environment, teachers should be concerned with the room arrangement, how inviting the room appears to be to the student, the access to materials, and the distractions in the room. If a teacher takes care of all of these needs, it will be easier to anticipate what the students’ actions and responses are going to be in various situations. The most important thing to realize is that on aspect of classroom management involves maintaining an environment through logical decision making that focus on the students and classroom.

The guidelines and rules of a classroom that a teacher should make clear

Teachers should also implement a set of classroom rules to keep the management of a classroom running smoothly. The guidelines for implementing these rules in an elementary school classroom is making sure they are consistent, rules should be made based upon a positive behavior, not too have many rules because they won’t be enforced, “rules must fit within the school’s code of conduct” (Malone, 1998, pg1998), make them creative by using humor but still being serious about them (McFarland, 2000, pg. 7), making sure there is proper instruction for when students manage any kind of technology in the classroom (Ross, 2001, pg. 27), having a lesson designed to teach students about self- discipline ( Logan, 2003, pg.3), and addressing all of the different kinds of learning styles to students (Dinsmore, 2003, pg6). Rules that elementary teachers should tell their students in a classroom based upon these guidelines include: keeping folders in a retrievable place (Mandel, 1995), Being on time and coming to school everyday (Macleod. 2004), staying quiet while listening to a fellow classmate speak (, 2003), speaking appropriately, respecting one another, not touching anything that belongs to another classmate (LeonHardt, 2000), telling the students to sit in his seat and be quiet until spoken to, being prepared with appropriate supplies for class, and be respectful to the teacher. Having rules in a classroom setting are designed for a teacher to carry out everything he or she has planned each day so that the students can have an enjoyable experience in school.

Skills that a teacher should teach their students so that they can use them at home, school, or in a community

In an elementary classroom,...

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