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Effective Parental Collaboration for Safe Environments
In the state of Hawaii, most students have a close connection to family, extended families, and the community. This is a life style and true Aloha that many find upon arriving. Of course, there are families who do not have the community supports necessary to raise their families, but the school system does offer character education curriculums and try to involve families. Collaboration with families through programs during school, activities after school, and parent/student after school activities and service projects help students and families stay on track.
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However, when students are not involved in these activities and pursue actions that do not develop their sense of responsibility and respect for others, it will be important to treat the student and the family. Creating opportunities for guest speakers at the high schools and community will enlighten parents that they still need to monitor students after school and on weekends.
Parents Need Tools
Sometimes parents who have not have a strong familial base or those who are on demanding career tracks will greatly benefit from attending lectures with their student to relearn the values of Democracy. Most people who live in Hawaii have come from another country in the pursuit of improved livelihoods, liberty, and equality (Lakona, 1991). Some parents may be afraid to ask for help because of language barriers, but once invited to the school campus they find that others are there for the same educational reasons. The main lesson here is that students are never too old for parental and school supports. It is an advantage to society as a whole to help turn around deviant behavior before it escalates. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools believe: “Character Education promotes a positive school climate where students are more polite, honest and respectful, enhances student...

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