Creating Tension And Fear In Chapter 47 And 50 Of Oliver Twist

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Throughout Charles Dickens childhood his family was constantly struggling financially. Dickens, at the age of 12, was sent to work in a shabby factory, a nightmare he would never forget, “no words can express the secret agony of my soul”. As the family fell more and more into debt, it hit dickens particularly hard. His family difficulty drew him into writing books related to poverty, in a way that he could express his experiences as a child. “The visitors had to penetrate through a maze of close, narrow, and muddy streets”, this shows poverty in an area in his novel of Oliver Twist. He raised awareness of how badly poor people were treated and tried to show that this treatment was unacceptable through his novels. The opening of chapter 50 of Oliver Twist, shows many examples of poverty, such as “windows guarded by rusty iron cars that time and dirt have almost eaten it away, every imaginable signs of desolation and neglect”. This is a powerful quotation as it almost leaves the reader feeling guilty and appreciative of everything they have. It shows that everything is falling apart in the unemployed part of area. Dickens has a clear understanding and wisdom of poverty and can relate to Oliver Twist very well as both of them lived through it. This creates a realistic and believable effect on the reader. During the time of Dickens, many poor people were forced into workhouse while others were drawn into crime in order to survive. Those who suffered most from poverty were the innocent children who were close to starvation. Children who were born to unmarried women were not valued by society; unmarried women were not given much help and were called “fallen mothers”, very much like the situation we see of Oliver Twist.
Oliver Twist is one of many books written by Charles Dickens that was a success. Dickens used his own experiences and situation of his childhood to relate to the character of Oliver. Dickens and Oliver had been through similar experiences, such as both struggled financially and both moved to London when they were young to find ways to make money. Dickens did not get involved in crime whereas young Oliver was pulled into crime and found himself working for Fagin. Dickens was trying to make people aware of the difficult choices facing poor people and that many become involved in crime at a young age, when it was not their fault. They were forced into it; crime was the only way of surviving.

In Chapter 47, Dickens builds up tension between Fagin and Sykes, Fagin and Sykes are both criminals, both Fagin and Sykes need one another in order to survive and both are criminals who are wanted by the police as well as the community. Sykes needs Fagin as Fagin controls the young boys who have been trained to rob from the affluent people. The young boys were forced to work for Fagin and Sykes due to their situation in society; this is the situation most boys at that time faced, at a young age. After the boys steal the goods, they are given...

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