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Creating Winnable New Year's Resolutions Essay

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Popular New Year's Resolutions include: losing weight, saving money, and exercising regularly.[1] If you’re like me and about one third of American adults you’ll make at least one New Year's Resolution, and if you’re like 22% of the folks who made New Year's Resolutions, you may find yourself breaking your plans as early as 1 week into the New Year.[2]

What makes us break our self-improvement plans so quickly? It’s not as if we’re pledging to move mountains, but it seems like a simple resolution to lose weight or to get organized may as well be as big as a mountain without a winnable strategy.

In my experience as a professional life coach, winnable strategies include actions to help us avoid these common reasons for not seeing our resolutions through:

Unrealistic time frames
Pledging to win someone else’s idea of the ‘right’ goal (The goal must be compelling for you.)
Working on resolutions without a solid foundation to build or develop needed skills
Working on resolutions within energy draining environments filled with obstacles and naysayers

If you are planning on making New Year's Resolutions this year, you can try a new approach to your great ideas. You can create a plan which emphasizes desire, energy, and strategy - and includes plenty of reality checks.

You Can Win
The three steps shared below can help you create your game plan for winnable New Year's Resolutions because they addresses the common reasons that New Year's Resolutions often fail.

Step 1 – Find the Energy
A year goes by fast unless you’re waiting for something. Waiting 365 days for that new body or the love of your life will test your resolve, try your patience, and require a huge supply of energy. You'll need energy to take consistent action, face challenges, celebrate victories, and energy to get back up after a defeat.

Energy Crisis?
Based on 30 years as a professional fitness coach and 5 years a professional life coach, I have seen that unwinnable resolutions usually focus on a tangible achievement. Your reasons for playing must go beyond the weight scale, a wedding ring, or bank account otherwise you won’t have the energy to see it through.

The Desire to succeed = Energy to play

Connect personally to the outcome you’re pledging to accomplish and turn the endeavor into an investment in you. Invest in a newer version of the person you are today; someone who is something new vs. someone who just has something new.

Create an Energy Surplus
Look for tangible achievements that challenge you into your greatness and expand your character. What good is weighing 20 pounds less if you haven’t got anything planned? When those late night cravings hit - and they’ll hit hard at times - you’ll need to tap into the energy surplus created by knowing:

• Why winning so important
• Who you will become once you’ve achieved your goal
• What you will be able to do that you can’t do unless you succeed
• How you can leverage improved skills in other areas of your life to bring...

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