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Creating Your Own Child Essay

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Imagine: A perfect child. No disease. Mutations forgotten. After a few years, a perfect world. Although it goes against the Bible and could have dangerous side-effects, genetic manipulation should be legalized because there would be no more sickness or mutations and the world would be near perfect. Factual information states this would be for the better, along with many opinions. Though, with this amazing ability comes danger. Danger of unknown.
A new science is emerging and is allowing parents to pre-fabricate the genetic sequence of a child, meaning the parent can design the child how they want it to be. The "scientific" name for it is mitochondrial transfer. It allows for one to select ...view middle of the document...

The parent is planning the child's future from birth, leaving the child without choice and chance. Without this, the world would be a determined place. Many have commented on this subject, some saying that the child is a gift from God and one saying that if they had been able to design their own children, they would have never had the privilege of meeting their incredibly unique kids. Another says that designing your own children would threaten to banish the appreciation of life as a gift.
While all of which are generally true, using this ability would be for the greater good of mankind. There's also no proven risks. After a while, disease would be eradicated. There couldn't possibly be a downside to that, now could there? Gene mutations will be destroyed as well. ADHD and ADD and all the others of this kind would be forgotten. Without the mutation of mental disabilities, there would no longer be violently disturbed people, making the world even safer. One could enhance their child's memory for instance, helping them not only through school but through life as well. This goes for any other gene, too. Every one of these are helpful, and can only do good.
According to the thirty surveys I had recorded, twenty-three had voted against allowing designing your own child to be legal. Age nor gender played any factor in these opinions. What played the biggest role was whether they believed in God or not. I had the chance to E-Mail CCV (Christ Church of the Valley) and they had responded with an astounding amount of information pertaining to the bibles status on this subject. The following is the stance the bible sits upon.
The Bible doesn't "flat out" state "genetic manipulation is wrong", because there was no such thing back then. One can only try to interpret the Bible. Many are concerned that this practice will take a turn for the worse. A turn away from which God has given to us as stewards of His creation. The Bible states that all things were created by God and for Him. He designed all living things to live for him. Too much manipulation could be tampering with the things reserved for God. (Colossians 1:16;Genesis 1:11-25) It is said that humans are "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 13:9) meaning God creates us the moment we're born unto the womb. God had our physical appearance planned . When we create the child ourselves (via genetic manipulation) it shows God that we prefer our creation over His. Finally, the...

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