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Creation Essay

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The Creation Stories Did the creation of the earth and life begin by itself? Or did God create them? In the beginning, civilization started to question who created earth. There were many different views. In Genesis, Jinasena, and Buddha have their own thinking. There were some differences as well as similarities. In Genesis, it was stated that God created heaven and earth. Everything we saw is God's work. Even ourselves is come out from him. In one week, Days and Nights; Skies and seasons, land and water; living creature; And humans, were created by God. An example, "Let there be light" then light came out. Everything he thought of happened instantaneously. However, there is no stating how he accomplished all this. Furthermore, there is no evidence that God's breath gave life to a living soul to man. Genesis is in a third person type of writing. Every paragraph start with "And God said..." Overall of the story, God is powerful and perfect. He had done everything we need. Jinasena is a Jain myth and it is called "There Is No Creator". As the title states, the myth does not believe in god. There is a line say in the myth that set states this, "...if it is complete the individual jiva (soul) is released from the cycle of rebirth to a state of isolated, eternal, and omniscient inactivity." This line is saying that everyone has a soul. However, with the end of each lifetime, another spirit will start again. In another word, a person maybe physically dead, but the soul still goes on. It will form another lifetime in another body. That is the "Cycle of rebirth". Also, the myth really does not mention anything about god existence. It consistantly looks for logically answer to prove that god exist. But they do not believe in god with insult. "Some foolish men declare that Creator made the world." and "The Jains hold that no god created the universe…" It stands strongly there is no one god who created earth. However, they do believe that there is a hell on earth, and a heaven. The Buddha is a Buddhist myth called "How the World Evolved". They do believe there god was the creator, but...

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