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Creation Belief Essay

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How did the earth and its people come to be? The world may never know the actual answer to this question, but that hasn't stopped people from digging into all the evidence the world has to offer. Several different opinions have developed regarding how the earth came to be. According to a survey taken in 2012, approximately 32% of the population believes that humans evolved over millions of years by God's guiding hand, 15% believe that humans evolved over millions of years completely without God, 46% believe God created humans in present form within the last 10,000 years or so, and 7% don't have an opinion. My opinion on creation is that humans have evolved over millions of years by God’s ...view middle of the document...

This says that creation occurred over billions of years and each “day” of Genesis 1 corresponds to a long period of time. Events occurred in the order in which they appeared in the Bible, but stretched over a long period of time. From radioactive dating and fossil records, we can find that the earth was created about 4 to 5 million years ago and life was created 2 to 3 million years ago. We don't rely on the Bible for the explanations of evolution processes, but we do know that God created simple forms of life long ago and developed them into complex creatures as time passed. Many scientists believe that humans have evolved from animals; I find this to be strange and somewhat unrealistic, but with God anything is possible. I agree with Day-Age Creationism because of the references it makes to the Bible and to today's science.
Due to the several differing opinions on the creation of the earth, many criticisms and arguments arise. A problem with the "Old Earther" belief, and other beliefs, is the tendency to be condescending and arrogant toward the "Young Earthers" because of the supposed superiority of science. Personally, as long as everyone believes that God is the creator of all things, I don't think it's worth fighting over the details. I have my own beliefs and others have theirs; no one is better than someone else because of what they believe. Another...

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