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Living Stardust

To complete God’s masterpiece, the Biblical account states that God created vegetation and living creatures according to their kinds: birds, fish, livestock, creatures that move on the ground, wild animals, and man. Biblical authors were not seasoned biologists or geneticists and obviously did not possess an understanding of microbial organisms, amino acids, proteins, elements, atoms, molecules, cells, chromosomes, genes, DNA, and RNA. They explained the beginnings of life in terms that made sense to them at the time.
Planet Earth is speculated to be 4.5 billion years old. Astrobiologists and cosmologists generally agree that after the birth and expansion of the universe, the forces of nature got to work. The Earth’s atmosphere was swimming with hydrogen and helium. Eventually, energy transformed into stable, sub-atomic particles of matter that clumped together to form stars, planets, and galaxies. Volcanic activity produced carbon dioxide, ammonia, and other gases. Nitrogen was released into the atmosphere as sunlight interacted with ammonia molecules. Water vapor began to settle on the planet and fill low-lying areas. Oceans, rivers, and lakes were ready to welcome living critters.
Many scientists believe that inorganic materials collected near geothermal, hot springs or other sources of heat and water; then, began to spawn amino acids. Others believe these substances could have massed together in clay sediments along shorelines. Still others stick to the story that amino acids were delivered by meteors or comets.
Whichever way it happened, lab experiments have confirmed that zapping a mixture of methane, ammonia, water, and hydrogen with an electric charge will initiate the formation of amino acids. That is as far as they get. Somehow, 20 amino acids give rise to proteins and other compounds that are the foundation for all life, at least on this planet. Scientists have yet to produce a concoction that creates proteins from amino acids. Evidence of microbial life in stromatolites suggests that primitive life forms first appeared on Earth about 3.7 billion years ago. Atoms began to merge to form molecules. RNA was one of the first to form, which not only carried genetic information, but also regulated chemical reactions. Bacteria and plankton soon appeared. Molecules began to merge forming cells, and eventually a cell covering or membrane developed. Ta-Da, the first, living, one-celled organisms came into being.
Note: Bacterial life utilized the sun’s energy in a process called photosynthesis and began releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. This process continued over millions of years until the Earth’s atmosphere became similar to the atmosphere that exists today: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% carbon with trace amounts of other gases.
Cells began to perform varying functions as RNA continued the process of self-replication. DNA became encoded with genetic information and proteins kick-started chemical processes....

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