Creation Described In Pied Beauty And A Birthday

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‘Pied Beauty’ and ‘A Birthday’ are two poems that explore creation through the author’s portrayal of creation. Hopkins is a religious man, who sees things as God’s creations and its inner and outer beauty, where as Rossetti sees creation as life and love, and how they affect her. Hopkins appreciates and bows down to God for all of His beautiful and striking creations that God has spread all over the world. It is as if he is depicting God as an artist and His creations as a painted canvas board on which he can draw beauty and simple things. In ‘A Birthday’, Rossetti looks at the creation of new love that she has now found. She is overjoyed because her love is shared and wants to make a new beginning with this person. A Birthday is filled with joy, cheerfulness and expectation of
what this newly created life will be like with her new love.

Hopkins writes about God’s creations through nature. This poem describes his wonder and respect at the creation of such an extraordinary and ever changing course that is nature “All things counter, original, spare, strange;” Hopkins sees things as different and unique, but still sees the beauty that lies behind this. He manages to bring our senses to life, making us imagine beautiful things by showing us that all things no matter how different they are that they are still made by the one God. He doesn’t need extra words to describe something. His words are simple and create a realistic picture of what we think is beautiful. This creates a tone to the poem. When I read the poem I could see that Hopkins was awed and astounded by nature and was above all grateful for this glorious gift from God. He praises God in a very subtle manner, right until the end.

Rossetti starts the poem with repetition of “My heart” this shows us she is thinking of her love and how she has created all these wonderful things in their relationship. “Singing bird”, “apple –tree”, “rainbow” these three things display her inner joy and excitement over her love for this person and what they have together. She finishes the first stanza with “my heart is gladder than all these” implying that all these wonderful things that have been created for her to experience are merely nothing compared to the creation of her love for this person. This first stanza of ‘A Birthday’ mainly focuses on Rossetti herself, with 6 uses of a first person pronoun. These show...

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