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Creation Of A Baby As A Means To And End Is Objectionable

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We routinely use people as a means to our own end such as in the case of a blood donor. If that is the case, there would be nothing objectionable about using the creation of a baby as a means to an end, if that end is saving another human being. Is this true? There are significant issues with this claim. This essay will explore the analogy between the blood donor and the savior sibling donor. It will show how it fails and, even if it were to stand, the implications this analogy has in the future of this process and the child. Through the failure of the analogy and, if the analogy were to hold, through the slippery slope argument that this process shows (i.e. designer babies), we can see in what ways both scenarios differ significantly, the considerations that must be taken, and how this entire process can be objectionable even if it were to save another human being.
First, let us view the claims of the opponents of this view. It is a very simple one: there is nothing objectionable about creating a baby as a “means to an end” if that end is saving another human being. Why? Because it is analogous to a blood donor giving blood or a waiter serving me food. Both situations routinely treat people as means to our own ends. In both scenarios, the harm is minimal and the sacrifice is minimal. Both scenarios involve a person who is in dire need of something and a person who doesn’t have a significant loss in giving that certain something to the other person. In one case it is the blood from the donor and in the other, it is the cord blood from the baby. As such, with the saving of another human being, it only serves to give a higher utility profit in the latter scenario rather than the former i.e. it only strengthens how it is not objectionable in the least bit.
Furthermore, the process involved with savior siblings does not deal with using the baby as only a means. The process does not, and will not, condone the discarding of the created baby with its “purpose” of providing cord blood satisfied. The PGD is done to verify the creation of a baby free of genetic illness and the HLA test is done to test for tissue compatibility. The former testing is to give birth to a baby with no abnormalities and the second is simply a benefit for an existing child. The parents will end up taking care of the child like any other child, regardless of whether or not they have a tissue compatibility with an existing sibling and any compatibility is only a positive “by-product” of the entire process. Once the process has been done and the cord blood has been taken, the baby is taken with the parents. If that is the case, then it is no different from having a baby through normal means. The parents are only trying to secure a “normal” life for the created child and reap the benefits of the child to keep the existing child in good health as well. Any parent would want their children to live a normal, healthy life and this is exactly what this process is doing. It may be wrong...

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