Creation Of Tv And Its Spread To A Global Level.

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Popular CultureTelevision is a popular culture in western society. It spread from a local creation to a global phenomenon. Television as a popular culture can be discussed in relation to access of television, the consumption of television and the way television can be linked with human socialisation.Television first came to Australia in 1956 and it brought with it a mass culture that would influence and change the lives of Australians. For television to become a popular culture if first needed to be accessible to Australian society. Any persons could own a television as long as they can afford to buy one and can receive reception in the areas that they live in.When television first came to Australia it was only accessible in major cities because country towns could not get reception but soon large aerials were built and television was able to spread inland to rural areas.Free to air television can be accessed by anyone as there is no charge for the channels. Although there is only a small number of channels. The channels consist of Seven, Nine, Ten, ABC and SBS, where as pay TV (cable) such as Foxtel, Optus and Austar can have around 40 different channels depending on what the consumer wants access to and is willing to pay for.In Australia televisions can be owned by anyone and there is no limit to the number of televisions in a household that means that as long as you can afford one you can own one.Therefore television is easily accessible.Around 90% of Australian households own one or more televisions, which makes the consumption of the pop culture quite high. Consumers are either active or passive viewers which means that while they are consuming television they are either taking in what they are viewing, thinking about or discussing with others what they are watching (Active) or on the other hand they are not being affected by what they are watching and aren't thinking about what they are consuming (Passive).Often the audience is affected by what they are consuming. Advertisers use television as a source to sell their products to active viewers. Often advertisements for food are put on around meal times so that active viewers will think about what they are viewing and become hungry and therefore want to product that they see...

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