Creation’s Contest With Evolution Essay

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Creation’s Contest with Evolution

It began in Dayton, Tennessee-1925. A high school teacher by the name
of John Scopes was charged with teaching evolution, which was illegal at the
time in Tennessee. The court found Scopes guilty, and he was fined one
hundred dollars. However, the Scopes trial immediately sparked one of the
largest controversies in today's public school systems: should creationism
still be taught in public schools? In the trial, Clarence Darrow argued that
teaching creationism in public schools defies the separation of church and
state (which is pulled from the first amendment). Darrow moved on to say
that evolution does not disobey the first amendment. The trial denied all
public schools the right to teach creationism-a belief that humans were
created by a higher being-although evolution may be taught. However,
Darrow's claim is being challenged. Many believe evolution disobeys the
first amendment. Others believe that excluding creationism in classrooms
shows an unfair bias and, therefore, gives the allusion that the evolutionary
theory is a fact. This, once again, disobeys the first amendment (according
to Darrow). If the only theory of origination taught in schools is evolution
an unfair bias and anti-God philosophy is instilled in the students. For
these reasons, both evolution and creation should be taught in public

Prior to the year 1925, all public schools in the United States taught
creationism (Evolution Conspiracy). This widely accepted notion of God
creating man was challenged by a British naturalist by the name of Charles
Darwin in 1859 with the publication of On the Origin of Species by Natural
Selection. In the book, Darwin proposes that, through millions of sporadic
mutations in living organisms, natural selection forced the most advantageous
mutations to survive (Williams 159). This particular theory of origination
became widely accepted in the scientific community. In 1925 creationism
could no longer be taught in schools. Instead, textbooks replaced
creationism with chapters on the theory of evolution. Public schools strayed
away from teaching creationism altogether. Furthermore, the first amendment,
which states the separation of church and state, became the core argument for
keeping creationism out of schools. Many may argue that teaching creationism
in a classroom is hinting to religion and, therefore, cannot be taught in
public schools under the first amendment.

Religion, as defined in the dictionary, is any system of faith and
worship (New Webster 188). So cannot atheism be called a religion? Belief
in no God is your faith. The belief that fish formed out of amoebas and that
humans are the descendants of apes is called humanism-a non-profit religion.
In fact, in 1933 the humanist manifesto was written. Within the manifesto
lists two core beliefs for the religion: (1) "Religious humanists regard the
universe as...

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