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The Story Of How The Universe And The World Came To Be

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Some Creationists and Darwinists have the debate regarding dinosaurs and theories about their existence, their demise and how humans may or may not have coexisted. Creationists believe in the theory of divine creation as told in the book of Genesis. This theory is thus tied to the Christian faith and has been deemed as a fairytale by some Darwinists. Darwinists refute the claims of Christian fundamentalists with theories of human evolution using scientific theories and natural observation. Why is it that at times it can seem as though science and religion cannot exist together? Religion is a process of faith and science is formed on a process of research and trial analysis. The two theories consistently admonish the other rather than finding areas of common understanding. Can the story of Noah and the arc account for the exclusion of dinosaurs and can faith allow readers to accept the existence of fossils?
Documented in the holy bible are individuals who were said to have lived well into their hundreds. An example of some of these individuals include Adam, Abraham, Noah, and of course, Methuselah. Like the turtles of today, human’s lifespans were increasingly longer then. Turtles and other amphibians with protective shells and/or epidermis can live to be over 200 years old. In addition to their long lives, their bodies grow at a much slower pace. Their organs do not break down or become less efficient with age. As Natalie Angier notes the lungs, kidneys and liver of century old turtles are indistinguishable from the organs of a teen turtle. (Angier) Most female amphibians reach sexual maturity much later in life than their mammal counterparts. The ecological development of reptiles is also instinctively tied to their environment. Joanna Hedley notes that reptiles never stop growing in size. (52) If humans along with animals were living to be in the upwards of hundreds of years during biblical times; is it not a probable theory that some of the reptiles could have grown quite large?
In Genesis the creation story describes how “God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so” (1:7). The bible goes on to explain how from this God created dry land, the seas, the animals etc., from the waters below. There is no more mention of the waters above. A basic theory for this can attribute the waters above to be the skies, atmosphere and universe. However, what if we were to assume that this water above acted as a giant bubble? This bubble would have surrounded the earth, creating a type of greenhouse of planetary proportions. This would seem like an ideal place for an ecological garden paradise. Inside this bubble, the humans and animals of all types would have been protected from various UV and gamma rays which cause cells to break down and age. The bible also describes the great flood and the instructions given to Noah by God to build the arc. Continuing with the...

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