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Without the bible humans would not be able to depict different theories of creation. The Old and New Testament are not considered in many people, but it is known by all. Theories that have affected different religions are creation, evolution, and mythology. With 6,775,235,700 people walking the earth, every person has his/her personal opinions about the world’s existence.
In the book of Genesis, Christian Scholars have described the work of God in his seven days of constructing the world. Waters, land, light, humankind, etc. were established in the days of the Spirits work. The seven days God used creating the universe, man transformed into a time period. Names have been assigned to the days for distinction, such Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc. However, the days fall out of sequence. God started creating the world on day one; however on Earth the first day of the week is Sunday. Had man simply added names to the days given by God, the Sabbath day would fall on Saturday, not Sunday. Then again, man has done further “reconstruction” of the bible and the world which God has created.
Charles Darwin was a naturalist who is known for his theories of evolution. Although “evolution is the continuous change that occurs from simple to more complex forms” (Thorsen 109), Darwin dedicated majority of his life to proving his theory. Although Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory was appealing to many people, he caused a disturbance in other areas. Darwin’s theory caused great anger among the Christians for it went against the book of Genesis. Also, evolutionist questioned the Bible which was an insult to the Christians. However, as many creationist liked to argue the facts from the Bible, “most evolutionists preferred to devote their energies to conducting further research to devote their energies to conducting further research into the origins of life rather than to combating the creationist cause” (Sonder 61). Evolutionists spend time looking into prehistoric facts to try to prove that the Earth was older than the Bible depicts it to be. The research evolutionists conducted changed many opinions in the 18th century and so forth.
With the evidence provided by archeologists, the world knows dinosaurs once roamed the Earth and soon became extinct. “The biblical deluge could not have been responsible for the extinctions of all these ancient life forms because Genesis implied that every species was rescued from the flood” (Denton 21). This has raised many eyebrows for they are documented facts. Creationists have no argument against this information. Christians only believe that God is the supreme creator of the Earth and all facts against the Bible are false. Creationists do not debate topics that are superlative for their arguments are not as researched; they only have explanations and fact that the Bible provides.
The evolutionary research has satisfied many people, for they have search for answered to the questionings of the world. However, others...

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