Creation Theories Vs. Evolution Essay

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One inquiry that draws curiosity is the question of how all matter and life came about on Earth in this enormous universe of stars, planets, and space. Many people believe that life is a product of random probability, while many others place their faith in a define creator. This world, Earth, is a minor fraction of an enormous universe that was created by an intelligent being, which designed all matter and living creatures, and is too unpredictable to leave the creation of the universe to the random probability of evolution.
People who believe in the creation of the world have a certain viewpoint. Creation denotes the existence of a divine Creator who has exercised his creative abilities, creating this world and the life-forms [people] see (“Creation vs. Evolution” 1). The Christian perspective is that they think that humans were “created by God therefore depend upon him and subject to him for all truth and submit to the fact that truth is based on the infallible word of God” (“Fallacies of Evolution” 1). They also acknowledge that all things in creation including the gift of life come through God and were created by and for him (“Fallacies of Evolution” 1). Christians recognizing that they are created in God’s image are aware that their spirit is “like no other [living organism] in the Universe” (“Fallacies of Evolution” 1) and believe that life is the product of intelligent contrivance (“Creation vs. Evolution” 1).
A number of people believe in “a creator God who is transcendent of over and governor of the material universe”, a belief known as Theism (Sailhamer 133). People that have faith in Theism belief that only God is eternal and the material world, “which he created and governs, had a beginning and, if he so wills, has and end (Sailhamer 133). In scientific matters, a theistic view would permit for miracles. In history, a theistic view would permit for providence, the events of history is actively controlled by God (Sailhamer 133). Theism is one of the three major belief systems about the nature of the world, which Christianity and the Bible has the historical position towards (Sailhamer 133). The three major belief systems that “reflect widely varying assumptions about the nature of the world” are Theism (Christianity point of view), Materialism, and Naturalism, which some theories of evolution are categorized under (Sailhamer 133).However, inside Theism there are different theories that dig down deep in the exact creation of the world that varies.
Creationism is one theory that supports the creation of the world. The belief that God created the world, universe, and life is Creationism (“Should creationism be taught in schools?” 1). One type of this creationism says “that the story in Genesis should be taken literally and that God created the world in seven days 4,000 or so years ago” (“Should creationism be taught in schools?” 1). This belief is supported by most creationists in the principle of a “young earth” (Sailhamer 111).

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