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Creation Verses Evolution Essay

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                    There are many beliefs about how we came to be. There is the religious belief, there is the “Big Bang” theory, and there is the belief that we evolved from lower life forms. Its hard to say exactly how life came to be and who have the right answer. A person can take one of the two views on the origin of life. Either they believe there is a creator (creationist) or they believe (evolutionist) but with a thorough examination of scientific evidence one must believe that evolution is the basis for our existence.
     The idea of creation varies with each of the world’s many religions; not providing creationists with a stable ground to inform on. Creationist’s believe in a supreme creator, who is responsible for the universe and everything natural that it contains. Creationists believe in Genesis to prove that evolutionists’ theories are false. Mostly everyone know the book they refer to The Holy Bible, and in the book of Geneses chapter 2 verse 19 “and out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air” is what the creationist whole true. Although evolution is seen throughout nature and proven by ancient fossils, they still disagree with the thought. Creationists include a type of evolution as necessary in their studies. This form of evolution is called “micro-evolution”, or variation within a type of organism occurs. This means that small changes take place like a frog grows web feet to swim better. Large-scale change of one type of organism to another is known as “macro-evolution”; apes changing to humans. Creationists believe this type of evolution is beyond the ability of mutation or natural selection which the evolutionists believe.
     Creationists believe that Adam and Eve were the first human beings to walk the planet, and each of us is a descendant of the two. Evolutionist challenge this because Adam and Eve could only be one race but there are several different race of people – in a wide range of colors. There are too many unanswered questions to support the theory of creation but taking the evolutionist point of view can clear things up.
     Evolutionists believe in their experiments and sciences to prove the creation of the universe and the creation of life (Wysong 55). Evolutionists believe that man evolved from single celled organisms getting their basic needs from sunlight millions of years ago when there was no oxygen (Hyperspace). They believe in natural selection (survival of the fittest), also known as Neo-Darwinism. They also base their judgment on ancient fossils found throughout years evolution has been around (Wysong 55).
     Evolution was best explain by its main supporter, Charles Darwin. Evolution was not a new idea even in Darwins life time. The first theory was...

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