Creation Vs. Evolution In The Public Schools

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Despite great efforts to convince the opposing side, a battle still brews amongst creationists and evolutionists over the beginning of life and the universe, but neither opinions’ palpability can be firmly upheld through scientific manners. Since science can only prove hypotheses that are testable and based on current observations, neither creation nor evolutionary concepts can be proven with irrefutable evidence. However, regardless of the inability to prove either concept, most public school systems promote evolution as a scientific fact. Many students who lack firm beliefs about the origin of life believe what they are taught without giving any personal thought to the matter. Instead of robotically absorbing biased information, schools should present information about evolution and creation to students and promote a ‘self-deciding’ approach to learning rather than forcing students to believe one theory over another. Benjamin Franklin stated, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still (Morris 1).” Those who already hold a firm belief either in favor of evolution or in favor of creation will support their view regardless of what schools promote. On the other hand, the group of individuals, who lack an opinion, deserve the right to receive information regarding both theories. Devout evolutionists, as well as creationists, connect strong emotion to the controversy of what should be taught in public school systems, yet to adequately and constitutionally cover the topic of origin of life, both creation and evolution should be taught as possibilities in public schools so that students can decide for themselves what belief they support.
Just like the spreading of a rumor, the misuse of the term “evolution” causes misunderstandings and arguments. “Evolutionists often say that evolution simply means ‘change.’ However, in reality it means a certain kind of change. The word is now accepted to mean the change of nonliving chemicals into simple life-forms into more complex life-forms and finally into humans.” (Answers in Genesis 1). Despite the many claims that “evolution” simply means a change, scientifically speaking it means much more. Evolutionary ideals describe changes that allow scientists to date life on the earth to be 4.5 billion years, to trace the entire living population of every animal, insect, plant, virus, and bacteria back to one simple cell, and to conclude that the first cell supposedly came into being sporadically from a pool of organic molecules (Archean 1). Science cannot factually support evolutionary concepts because evolution cannot be tested; observation holds a critical role for experiments to take place, yet spontaneous creation of a cell has not recurred since the alleged first living cell created itself. Evolution cannot be proven, and therefore, the public school system should not teach evolution as fact, especially with no exposure to alternative concepts.
Creationists uphold the view in...

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